How to Make a Pumpkin Piñata

Here are some easy DIY tips to make an awesome pumpkin piñata.)
Pumpkin piñata is a thrilling way to welcome the fall. Besides, they can be used to jazz up the celebrations. This exciting craft is made by covering a balloon with simple papers. Piñatas have been the part of rich tradition of China, Europe and Mexico for ages. In Mexico, they were created using clay pots filled with sweet and treasures.
Are you ready to make a pumpkin piñata? They are easy to make. And these simple DIY steps help you make a gorgeous one.

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How to Build a Garden Arch

A garden arch is more than an entry point. It not only acts as a focal point but adds to the beauty of your garden. However, it can’t be denied that it is quite expensive if you get it prebuilt or hire a professional to build it. A quality garden arch can cost you anywhere between $300 and $1000.

Fortunately, you can build a garden arch yourself.

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DIY Steps to Sow Grass Seeds

Sowing - Grass - Seed

                    The lush greenery adds to the beauty of your garden. Kids can play on the grass while it feels wonderful to walk on barefoot. Contrary to the popular belief, you …

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You Are Just 9 Steps Away From Clean A Bathroom- Check it!

Yeah! It is your bathroom, and for it is also called the comfort room. But can you be comfortable if it is stinky, messy, crowded, or moldy? Definitely, the answer is- No. This clearly means your bath spaces should be the cleanest room, next to your kitchen.

However, it is found that many people find it quite challenging to keep the restroom in a good state. As this room sees a lot of traffic, it is a playground for dirt and bacteria. It calls for a regular deep cleaning, isn’t it? Here how you can spare out some time and make your space clean and germ-free.

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Wonderful Uses of Cheap Vodka (Other Than Drinking)

Vodka is more than a Russian drink to be mixed in cocktails or to be pulled out in a celebration. Here we have rounded up some awesome uses of vodka you may have never imagined.

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8 Effective Home Improvement Ideas to Make It Energy Efficient

Americans are known to waste energy and they spend billions and billions of dollars on the same. If you are worried about your increasing bills, don’t fret over it. So, it can be either ignorance or just pure laziness which accounts for much of the waste. As per a survey by the Home Heat Helpline, one in three adults worry for how they will pay their winter energy bills. Yes, the fall season brings a big challenge.

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10 Halloween Home Décor To Give A Try


  Are you planning to host a Halloween party? If yes, then decorating your home in a spooky and fun way will be an essential task. It is important for you to create a creepy atmosphere for this special time …

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4 Easy Homemade Cleaners You Must Know

Have you been in search of some efficient and cost-effective cleaners?
Today more and more people are dropping harsh chemicals and dangerous bleach which they were using for keeping their home and household stuff clean. They are now looking for more natural ingredients. And you might be surprised to know that most of these are found in your homes.

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5 Easy Steps to Make High Quality Compost at Home

Making - Compost

                  Compost is a decomposed organic material that is broken down by soil bacteria, creating a natural fertilizer being rich in minerals. From eggshells, rotten fruits to the coffee ground, you can …

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Whitewashing an old furniture is an art

Whitewashing the pump won’t make the water pure, but whitewashing the old furniture will definitely make your home look beautiful.

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