10 Ultimate Small Bedroom Interior Design Tips

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Are you not able your embrace your small bedroom? We feel you. Small bedrooms are not something we all wish to own and design. Your bedroom is like your cave, where you relax and refresh. However, it should not feel like a cave.  The environment of a bedroom should be reviving and not suffocating. Small bedrooms often give away the congested, restricted feeling that makes the aura dull and boring.

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Strictly speaking, from a designing standpoint, a small bedroom might be having more warmth and comfort than big bedrooms. Experts believe that small bedrooms can do wonders for your health though slightly tricky to renovate and design. You may have to bring on your A-game with your creativity, but it would be totally worth the energy invested. If a small bedroom is properly designed and decorated, you will able to sleep better. A small bedroom implies that there is absolutely no room for electronics and other appliances; this only means you will get a good night’s sleep every time you hit the bed. It is to be noted that the smaller space, the more relaxing space can be. It entirely depends on how you design it. That being said, if the interior design is not given the appropriate attention, the same bedroom could make you feel claustrophobic.

There are some things you must take care of while designing a small bedroom. These tips must be noted and followed for a lively, vibrant small bedroom.

  • Color
    What’s interior design without colors? Your choice of colors makes or break the room. This is no rocket science, but all you have to be careful about is the light and dark shades. Please note that the darker shades make a room look dull and constrained. On the other hand, lighter shades make a room look bright, bigger, and lively. It’s not that the dark shades do not help in beautifying a room, but it is better for you to go for pastel or light shades when it comes to small rooms. These colors would liven up space.
    There are two options that you could go for, either you could paint the entire room with a single light shade. You could also opt for color blocking; this brings on the pop element and dimension. Color blocking would give a contemporary look to the room.


  • Size and Position of Bed
    This does not require the validation of an expert. Designing and decorating a small room naturally implies a smaller proportion of furniture and other elements. You can’t be placing a king or a queen-size bed in a small room. Having said that, placing a small bed or a dresser in the center of the room is also not the right way to design a small room. Place the bed at the corner of the room, preferably near a window. This would give you a bright floor space and a visibly bigger room.


  • Minimalism

A minimalistic approach to designing is trending. By the looks of it, it is not leaving anytime soon. People prefer minimalism, whether it a condo, a studio office, or a Spanish Villa. Built-in storage spaces or convertible or multipurpose furniture can be seen in every modern construction. Add the minimalistic element to your small bedroom to bring out a chic and sleek design of your room.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are by far the cheapest way to make your small room look brighter and more prominent. These are not manufactured solely for the purpose of reflecting your image. Mirrors today are crafted for rooms to reflect the natural light all over the space. This creates the illusion of a bigger room. Full-length mirrors would suit the best as it would fit perfectly for your room and for you to look into it.

  • Under-bed Storage
    This was never a solution to small spaces; this idea was a way of life back in the 20th This is a great way to store(not pile) your extra bedding and garments, without the requirement of an additional closet.
  • Flexible Closet Space

It is the year 2020, and DIY’s activities are making challenging things easy. This includes room décor and design. Closets are no longer crafted and manufactured for storing clothes alone. Go for closets that have sections for your shoes, bags, cosmetics, maybe with nooks to hang your scarves and jewelry. If you are unable to find such closets, there is the internet full of DIY videos to have multipurpose closet space.
Another creative way to have a multipurpose closet in your room is to have trunks or crates as storage units. These can store your apparels and be used as seats by placing seat cushions on them.

  • Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a beautiful alternative to paint. Make sure to choose a pastel shade wallpaper with big prints. This would make your bedroom seem bigger and brighter. Make sure your wallpaper complements the bedroom upholstery and linens.

  • Verticality

The perception and illusion of uprightness would always make anything appear sleek and slender. The same goes for your small bedroom space. The sleeping area (if you are comfortable) could be designed this way, and this would save a lot of space. If you manage to have a storage space designed as well, then nothing better than that.

  • Alcove and Floating Shelves

A room, regardless of its size, requires some shelves for miscellaneous items. The best way to have them in your bedroom is by hiring experts and professionals from Handyman NYC to get alcove and floating shelves installed. Skilled professionals know precisely how to position them so as to make your space look better and bigger.

  • Hanging Accessories
    When it comes to small bedrooms, storage and space issues are inevitable. However, bring a dash of creativity into the room by hanging your accessories in a corner with some fairy lights enhancing their bling and beauty.

There you go! We have you sorted and prepared to rejig and design your small bedroom. Remember, your creativity would always require the assistance of a rational mind of an expert. Choose only the best and reliable professionals to help you beautify your bedroom.

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