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You must be looking for some unique ways to decorate a particular part of your home. It can be either for the dining space or for your living area. There can be varying choices. So here are listed some of the incredible ideas to start with.

Have a look:

Add your collections to walls:

Add your collections to walls












Another tip can be sprucing up your walls with a collection of your choice. This can include a grouping of mirrors, different eye-catching frames, and much more on the wall of your living space. The image sets a perfect example, showing how varying items when clustered together, turn a point of visual interest.

Pro tip: Invest in the stuff which suits your home ambiance. Don’t bring on anything that doesn’t fit with your paint color. Or try using at least three items together to create a balanced vignette in.

Place varying heights together

Place varying heights together






Though this one is a simple trick, it really works. Usage of pieces of varying heights to decorate your room offers a dynamic look to the room. These little storage sacks will give you some extra space, along with a pleasant feel.

Play big with mirrors

Play big with mirrors











Just because your space is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t place in some larger-scale accent pieces. All-time favorite mirrors can be a perfect addition. You can buy them at affordable prices in different or same sizes. Prefer big shapes to make them reflect the space, leading to the bigger-appearing area. These could be leaned against a wall with wooden trolley storage in front.

Create a neutral palette

Create a neutral palette












You can get a ton of neutrals from the nearby flea market. It can be quite difficult to gather lot stuff in some bright colors. Hence, you can go with the neutrals. While these appear classy, they are easily available. You can begin looking for big pieces in neutral tones. It can be anything ranging from furniture, floor coverings to paint colors. Those light wood accents will work ideally by adding the required warmth. So, you will have a clean and fresh palette to enjoy. Plus, use of neutrals will make your small space appear bigger.

Pro tip: With all shades of white you can add a layer of grey color to mix accents and décor items for a classier look.

Try DIY magic on existing pieces

Storage is always a big problem in a small living space. So, you must be looking for something which can add more storage capacity and groom the look of your room, all together. It is possible now. Just have a look at this remodeled furniture piece. You can get an old and cheap furniture piece from a flea market and with little effort make out a new article from the same. Use your weekend holiday to give your existing pieces a makeover.

Pro tip: You can switch to bright colors for transforming an old piece into fresh and cool design statements.

So now you can make the most out of your space, meanwhile giving it a new and classy look. Have some other flea market makeover ideas to share? Post them in the comment section below.


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