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Living in a cold country and with winters having come upon us, the carpets of the house are not just decorative for most of us. They serve purposes much bigger and more important than just how they look as is the case for many other countries. Keeping this in mind, just like any other aspect of a home, cleaning the carpet is of prime importance. This takes on even more importance in the realization that our capers are home to much more than just dirt. In times like this, where invisible microorganisms such as the coronavirus are wreaking havoc on the world, we can never be too careful with cleaning out carpets.

These things make it obvious that self-cleaning may be great for a day to day living but your carpet needs intense and proper cleaning ever so often by a professional. This brings us to why and how to find the best carpet cleaning service in NYC. Let us go in detail what that entails.

Why carpets need more than vacuuming

Having your home or apartment carpeted in NYC is a common affair. Given that you are here, you have or are planning to soon have carpets at your place. You already must be vacuum cleaning them often. That is likely part of your daily/ weekly process or will be.

However, what you must keep in mind with respect to carpets is that there is much more than dust and trash pieces on the carpet. Dust and small trash items can be picked by a vacuum cleaner but not the rest. By the rest, we mean the germs, dirt, and other things that come from our feet or through open windows. There is so much more in your carpet than just what a vacuum cleaner can remove.

The best way to have a thorough clean of your carpet is steam clean. This is not possible at home nor is any of the other intense clean procedures. With this comes the inalienable need for a professional carpet cleaner.

How to take care of your carpets

As we have stated, professional cleaning regularly is the best way to keep your carpets cleaned thoroughly. This does not exclude, however, the need to care for them daily. Here are some quick points to keep in mind in order to take care of your carpets:

  • Do not take any shoes or slippers that have been worn outside or around dirt on your carpets
  • Avoid using unknown and untested chemicals on your carpet to clean it
  • Avoid any spills on the carpet and if one does happen, dry it immediately
  • Do not let your pet chew the carpet sides or dirty the carpet in a serious manner
  • Do not let furniture dig into your carpet leaving marks and pores for dirt to settle in

How to find the best carpet cleaners in NYC

With what we already know, the biggest question that remains now is how does one go about finding the best and most professional carpet cleaners in New York City. Professional cleaning is not a one-man task and requires a team. So it’s about how to find the best team for your carpet and what to keep in mind when doing so:

Ask your friends and family

A recommendation is one of the best ways of knowing who to have handle cleaning your carpet. Someone in your circle who has already worked with them will be able to give you an honest critique of the merits of taking the team on. Not only will they share the details of “who” with you, but also the “how” of it all will be coming from a trusted source.

Call around to several companies

If you are looking to find the person and team for your professional carpet cleaning first hand, then you must do so with a lot of care. Remember to not choose the first company or group that provides the service. You must call up many options and have at length discussions with them. You need to explicitly lay down your requirements and hear their complete system out before choosing any one of them.

What are their methods

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when choosing the team to work on cleaning your carpet is the methods they employ. It would be remiss of you not to ask or do some research on what their methods are, how good they are for your carpet and whether or not the price you are being asked to pay is in tandem with the service being provided.


The importance or value this has can never be overstated. You must ask those you are looking to hire how much experience they have in cleaning carpets professionally. This question must not end with platitudes and assurances from them only. It is advisable to ask them for the details of some of their recent clients or find their reviews online. This will help you understand the truth behind their words and also see if their experience is only in time or also in providing good service.

Needed services

Service providers and teams have a knack for telling a potential customer just what they want to hear until it is too late. This is ever more true when it comes to the services they provide. It is pertinent for you to find out if they offer the very services you are seeking or if their work is peripheral to your need. Given that you are choosing a professional to clean your carpet, it is important to choose the right one.

Check out their reviews

As we have mentioned, you need to not only believe their word for what they say. Apart from experience, online reviews also have a tendency of telling you deeper information if you seek it out. The right platforms will allow you to comment on reviews or contact the reviewer. You must use this to your advantage to completely understand and ensure good service being provided to you by the team you are looking to choose.

Get free estimates

Based on preliminary information that you share with them, most companies will give you a free estimate on your cleaning service requirements. This should help you make the decision on who to choose.

Work Guarantee

Any good provider of cleaning service professionals should be able to give you a work guarantee. This is to ensure that not only will the work be completed without a hitch from their end but also that any damage that they may directly cause to your carpet is on them and you will be reimbursed for the same.

It is simple

Now that you know how to get your carpet cleaned well, why you need it and where and how to find the best team for it, you know just how simple the process can be.  The key points to remember remain to not limit yourself to the only vacuum cleaning the carpet and what to do on a daily basis in order to care for it.

Once you find the best professional team for your carpet cleaning, share the information with your friends on the need and the benefits. This keeps the cycle going of clean and hygienic carpets across NYC.

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