How to Choose a Right Plumber?

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Whether you need to fix those leaks in the drain pipes, install new faucets, or repair gas pipes or boiler for your New York apartment, you need an efficient plumber to get you all job done.

But many times we wonder, for example, how to choose the right plumber. Amidst scams, uncertified professionals, and shoddy work, the chance of running into a plumbing expert who won’t be able to meet your needs is tremendous.

Finding the right plumber in New York is a task that requires investigation and proper evaluation of your choices. For smaller jobs, almost any qualified plumber will do. However, if you have more complex work to do, you need to more carefully evaluate the capabilities of existing plumbers. Here are some suggestions on how to find the plumbing professional that best suits your needs.

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Search Online:

It is easy to find plumbers over the Internet. Just type “plumbers near me” in the search box of Google and you will get plenty of results with reviews for the same.


Once you have picked some plumbers online, you can see a list of all testimonials for that plumber or plumbing company on their social media pages, Google or Yelp. Reviews give you an idea about the service quality, trustworthiness, and work experience of a plumber. For example, if a plumber is rated 4 stars and up, they are likely to be efficient and skilled. But don’t choose them based on only the better reviews. Always look at both positive and negative testimonials to see what customers are saying about them. There are many handyman services in New York which also provide plumbing services.

Make sure to check the number of reviews a plumber has received. It will help you find out how long they have been in business.

Ask Family and Friends:

Apart from looking for plumbers online, you can ask your family and friends who have used plumbing services before. Like online testimonials, feedback from friends and family can help you choose the right plumber.


Do you have a plumbing license?

Make sure to ask this question to your plumber, and don’t get carried away by the plumber’s word. Many operate without a license, but many homeowners assume that every plumber needs to have one, so this question is always worth asking. A licensed plumber is registered with a governing body at the state or a local level.


After picking your potential plumbers based on reviews or feedback from your family or friends, it is time to determine the quality of his services. And seeking into their past works can do the trick.

Consult your potential plumber for reference materials for recent projects. Of course, they will give you the names of customers who like them, but you should still call them. Ask the following questions: What kind of project did Plumber X do for you? Does the company communicate as expected? Will you hire plumber X again? If you work with a professional company that values ​​your business, the answers to these questions will provide you with a good idea.

Immediate Solutions:

You must have little knowledge of plumbing and some stakeholders may benefit from it. A good plumber should take the time to analyze the problem and find the best solution, which is not necessarily the most expensive.

Soft skills:

Are they polite on the phone and face to face? Do they respect your home, take off your shoes, and park in the right place? If they take the time to pay attention to small details in your initial interaction, then you can bet that this will run through the work you hire them to do.


Not all plumbers guarantee their work. When the job is over, they leave the job, and any chance of getting them back to fix the fault disappears with them. Before you hire a plumber to do your job, ask if their work is backed by a guarantee. If they agree, let them deliver it to you in writing. If they don’t agree, don’t hesitate to hand over the work to another company.

Cleanliness and Timeliness:

A plumber is expected to treat you with respect by keeping you informed about a time range when they make it to your home. Besides, they should imply all necessary precautions to do their job without doing any damage to your property.


When you contact a plumber, make sure to ask for an estimate. They can give you an estimate over the phone or online based on your requirements. A good plumber provides a genuine estimate before any work is done. They should also apply any fees for quoting a job to the actual cost of the work once the work is done. Also, ask if the rates are hourly or fixed to avoid unwelcome price rises when the job is done. If the rates are hourly, ask them how long it should take to finish the repairs. An experienced plumber is likely to finish the job on time as promised by them.

So these are some best tips to choose the right plumber. If you are looking for the same, you can contact our timely handyman services in New York to get your job done.

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