How to make wooden table ?

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No doubt, furniture is a part and parcel of every home and it gives a finished look to a home. It adds to the beauty of the home by making your home look complete. No matter how big your house is unless you have the perfect trendy furniture at your place, you cannot define the space.

But what about the increasing costs of the furniture these days?

Whenever I wander through a furniture store, I keep staring at relatively simple furniture for which I am being asked to lay down large sums of money. I feel frustrated and for sure even you all might be sharing a mutual feeling related to the same. While this frustration is increasing awareness of people, it has also helped people to find the alternatives by which they can completely cut off the extra cost which they have to pay for the products they buy. And DIY’s & comparing the costs are two such alternatives.

Due to the increasing prices, price comparison has become an increasingly important factor in the buying journey. 81% of consumers confirmed that; “They always compare prices online before they buy”.

Also, generation Y has become generation DIY in particular. People are herding towards a trend of DIY’s and are more interested these days to fulfill their needs themselves. Whether it is crafty gifts or even a furniture item, people prefer to make those themselves.

Do you also want to know how a wooden table can be made?

If yes, you have landed to a right place. Read On.

Make your wooden table yourself:

Wooden Table

Most necessary tools and materials for your homes:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Handsaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Pliers Wrench
  • Voltage tester
  • Clamps
  • Drill/Bits
  • Table and circular saw

Steps to follow:

1) Plan out the rough design of your table:

Table Design

Use a paper, pencil and a ruler to do that. The design and dimensions of the table can vary based on the kind of table you intend to construct. Make sure you make the table of a proper dimension so that it could fit in the place where you want to place it.

2) Amount of wood needed:

Wooden Planks

Figure out how much wood you will need using your rough dimensions. Remember, to add a little extra, just in case.

3) Purchase a wooden material and construct the table top:

Table Top

Use Poplar (hardwood) if you want a better finish. But for a beginner, softwood like pine is good to start with. Consider redwood or treated wood for outdoor purposes.

When it comes to construction,

  • Planking is the key. Consider planking as it is less expensive than a single sheet. Tongue and groove planking is easiest.
  • You can also use a single sheet of wood. It can prove to be quite expensive, but using a single sheet of wood can give a proper finish to a table top.

4) Create and attach the legs:

Table Legs

Cut one leg of the desired size and cut the three other legs to the approximate size. Clamp all the four leg and make them of equal sizes. Give a fine finish to the legs using a power sander. Once the desired shape of the table legs is achieved, be ready to attach them to the table.

Turn the table over top and place the legs in the exact corners of the table bottom. Apply the glue to the portion of the leg that you desire to attach. Make use of the screws to secure the legs so that the base of the table remains strong. Place the clamps on the legs so that the legs get fixed to the table properly.

 5) Establish the under-table:

Under Table

Cut, glue and clamp the table top leave it overnight and create the under-table. Under-table is the support system of the whole table. It is a basic wooden square that attaches to the tabletop.

  • Measure in from the table edge. Make marks at your positions.
  • Draw a square on the bottom of your table at your mark by turning over the table top.
  • Cut two pairs of woods for both front and side. Place it underside either with the help of the glue or you can even use hammer and nails.

 6) Sand and finish the table to make it look the best:Sand and Finish

Sand your table to a degree of finish that pleases you.  In all, you can also apply some sort of wood treatment over the table that you constructed. You can make use of stain, Varnish or Tung oil to do the same. Guess what? Your table is ready to use. Place the table made by you in the appropriate place and add to the beauty of your house. Don’t forget to share with us your experience of constructing a table for you.

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