10 Halloween Home Décor To Give A Try

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Happy Halloween


Are you planning to host a Halloween party?

If yes, then decorating your home in a spooky and fun way will be an essential task. It is important for you to create a creepy atmosphere for this special time of year. You need just the right decoration to be in the Halloween spirit.

While there is a vast array of different Halloween home decoration stuff available in the market but taking the décor task yourself can be quite interesting. For the festive season, you can prepare your house without spending much. And why not include children in the same. They will enjoy being the part and help you with the fantastic decoration.

Need some ideas to put up more for the festive season? Below you will get a long list to try. Have a look:

Boo Bottles:

Boo Bottles













When you raid your recycling bin, you will get some stuff to make haunted glass ghosts. For this, remove that labels and caps from bottles. Use a spray paint to turn them white and draw faces on with black marker. You can provide them a finishing look by just throwing in colorful straws for cute centerpieces.

Ghostly Lanterns:

Ghostly Lanterns












You cannot miss on these DIY Halloween decorations. Not only are these cheap but also cheerful. Gather some clean gallon milk jugs and draw spooky faces on them. Later you can fill them with white holiday lights to decorate. These can be used in your porch or walkway to add on a ghostly Halloween glow.

Hanging Bats and Ghosts:

Hanging Bats and Ghosts













This is something your kids would love to do. You need to get them some empty egg cartons and these will be used to make bat decorations. All you need to do is just cut them wisely, paint them black, and add googly eyes. You can prepare cute and cheap Halloween ghosts by painting leaves white and drawing a spooky face with a marker too.

Add a pinch: When you need a quick and easy decorating idea, nothing works better. You can simply make a clothespin wreath using candy corn colors. All you need is spray paint to color clothespins. You can paint 15 of them in orange, 15 in white and 15 in yellow. Just clip all the clothespins to a scrap piece of cardboard. You can spray on either side and let them dry. Then turn to the other side and repeat.

Use a 12-inch-diameter circle, you can cut it from a sturdy cardboard. Make a smaller circle cut out of the middle in a way that you have a half-inch-wide ring. Now clip on painted clothespins. Use a drop of hot glue to secure each one. You can later spray finished wreath.

Spirited entrance:

Spirited Entrance









Give your guests a doomed entry to your space with this combination of easy-to-make decoration. You can use some black and white painted pumpkins at the door. Or you can also create a cheerful entrance at the welcome door.

Floating Witch Hats:

Floating Hat










For your front porch, you can decorate the area with wickedly bright floating witch hats. If you want to add something more whimsy, you can switch to luminary floating hats. Now when you light them up on the Halloween night, it promises a fun-filled and eerie appearance.

Decorate Tree Branches:

Decorate Tree Branches













What about the outdoor space? If you have a tree in the garden, you can create a perfect ghostly perch using some small things. You can use faux black ravens, LED lanterns, bats, and pumpkins to spice up the regular backyard. Just ensure that the tree you choose is sturdy enough to climb up. Reason being, if you are hanging heavy items like crafted pumpkins and LED lanterns, you must ensure safety.

Spooky mantel:

Spooky Mantel















A vintage-inspired mantel can give your entire home a haunted feel. You can hang or lean a collection of flea-market vintage frames on the wall. Try to find out the one which is more tarnished. You can gather some black candlestick holders. Fill them with black taper candles and get some candles which are little lean; it will create a spooky feel. An old black clock will add more grace to your festival.

Candy Bowl Holder:

Candy-Bowl For Halloween













You can set a big bowl inside an empty trash can and cover it with a white sheet. After this, you just need to add felt eyes to have a friendly ghost candy holder ready. Place it in any corner of your home.

Ghost Leaf Bags:

Ghost Leaf Bags












Fed up of those fall leaves? Why put them in the garbage when you can use them for this festive mood? Just put them straight to the compost bin and makeup with these fully stuffed bags. You can use such fun looking ghosts scattered throughout the yard.

Halloween is a fun time. With these home decor ideas, you will be able to decorate not only your home but also open spaces like your yard. So, get set, deck up your house, choose your spooky dresses, and entertain friends.

In case, you have some more ideas, do share through your comments.

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