10 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes


When it comes to cleaning, you don’t need to follow a certain procedure, but you have to do it properly. There is no right way to clean anything. But there are lots of mistakes that you can avoid to land in the right way for yourself. Cleaning is rarely someone’s idea of fun. But if you need to do it, doing it properly can save you lots of time and effort. Once you learn to avoid some common mistakes, your cleaning chores will get more efficient and take considerably lesser time.

Here are the 10 most common cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid:10 most common cleaning mistakes


Not Rinsing Off Your Cleaning Equipment

In order to avoid your cleaning tools from dirtying your entire home if not infecting it, you need to rinse them regularly. Debris, bacteria, dirt, and a foul odor can formulate in your equipment. They can even get accumulated to an impenetrable level. You need to clean your brushes, mops, and brooms properly after every use. This cleaning regime needs to remove bacteria and dust from each part of the tool that might come in contact with the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Establishing a routine will help you store them better as well.

Using Filthy Cleaning Wipes

Do you tend to use the same wipes or scrubber every time you clean? You need to wash your cleaning equipment before use. If you don’t clean your cleaning tools, you can end up shoving dirt, dust, and bacteria around the surface instead of cleaning it. When left unwashed for a while, cleaning wipes can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only will it not make your house clean, but it can even infect the surfaces that you use it on. Clean and replace your scrubber and wipes regularly. You do not want your equipment to make your house even dirtier.

Missing the Corners and Nooks

If you are in a hurry and just want to get over with your chores, you might miss all the corners, nooks, and hidden spaces around the house. These areas are often missed during cleaning and keep accumulating dust. By the time you notice them, they accumulate so much dust that it takes forever to get rid of. These areas may also be away from all light and air circulation. This means that they are more prone to host bacterias and infections that can make you and your family sick.

Not Pre-Soaking Dirty Dishes

Pre-soaking your dirty dishes can make washing utensils a much easier task. Just add drops of liquid soap and some water to a dirty dish beforehand even if you are not doing the dishes immediately. Soap water starts its cleaning action on your utensil and it begins to erode all the food material. When you finally get around to it, cleaning the dishes becomes much easier. Not only does this save time, but it prevents your dirty dishes from decaying and will keep bugs like cockroaches and flies away from your kitchen.

Forgetting to Empty the Vacuum Cleaner

Do you remember the last time you emptied the vacuum bags and replaced its canister? If you don’t clean your vacuum cleaner, its sucking capacity will not be powerful enough, and you will end up taking much longer than anticipated. Since your vacuum cleaner will not be very effective, you will have to redo the entire house multiple times until it’s spotless. Clean the outer surfaces of your vacuum cleaner to avoid dust accumulation. Make sure that you regularly replace your cleaning equipment and empty the vacuum bags.

Failing to Clean from Top to Bottom

When you are vacuuming, mopping, or sweeping your floors first, it is bound to be less effective. When you clean your furniture later, all the crumbs and dust particles will fall off the shelves, counters, tables and make your floor dirty, again. Always try to clean the room from the top to the bottom. Start with the windows, then furniture such as counters, couches, chairs, and tables, and end with the floor. This way you can keep your floors clean for a longer time.

Failing to Grasp and Execute the Directions

There are numerous techniques to help you clean your house more effectively. For instance, you might have heard of cleaning your windows straight down instead of wiping them in circles. If you fail to grasp these exactly, you won’t be able to execute them. This would result in you following a cleaning technique that is less effective, and more time-consuming. Reading articles, watching videos, and asking someone for help can help you adopt more efficient techniques that can make your cleaning job much easier. Keep innovating your methods constantly and upgrade to better equipment regularly. This will keep cleaning interesting as well.

Make Up Your Room Daily as soon as You Wake Up

You might consider making your bed and cleaning your room daily a drag. But in reality, making up your bed makes a big difference to your room’s tidiness. It only takes a few minutes and helps you start the day right. Plus your bed is always made if you want to take a nap. From a cleaning perspective, when we sleep, our skin sheds a lot of dead cells. These get accumulated on your sheets and the longer you put off making your room, the longer they stay on your bed.

Washing the Windows on a Sunny Day

Cleaning your windows is a tricky task. If you don’t do it exactly right, it will always get dirty., When you clean your windows on a sunny, hot day, the detergent you use dries up faster. This creates streaks on glass surfaces. You may not notice them while cleaning but the moment you are done, they will be clearly visible. Rubbing and wiping streaking doesn’t help. Instead, clean your windows when the sun is about to set straight strokes.

Not Cleaning Your Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush has the task of cleaning the most infected and dirty place in your entire house, your toilet. If you ignore cleaning your toilet brush, you will put it right back in its holder after usage. The germs and moisture from cleaning your toilet will get trapped between the brush and the container. Since it is a dark space, these germs begin to breed and multiply rapidly. The next time you pick up the brush, you are taking even more germs back to the toilet than you cleaned. Clean your toilet brush regularly and always store it dry to avoid your toilet from getting infectious.


A lot of people consider keeping the house clean a drag but if you focus on avoiding certain mistakes, you can be done with it in very little time. Keeping your home clean is more about your cleaning routine than the time you put up in it. Once you focus on actively avoiding some common mistakes, you will get into a more efficient house-keeping regime. It will help you and your family stay healthy and might even make a dull chore interesting. Focus on avoiding one or two mistakes every week and keep adding as you go. Happy Cleaning!  To avoid these cleaning mistake Contact Professional NYC Handyman.

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