5 Things to Consider Before Hiring A Handyman


Every home, whether old or modern, may have its due bit of upkeep issues that arise. Most often, those kinds of small projects do not need a seasoned contractor that deals exclusively in one specific profession. Still, what you need now is a professional handyman.

Not all handymen are welders, carpenters, or electricians. Some restrict their activities to landscape work, mowing the lawn, and necessary outdoor upkeep rather than interior home renovations. This shouldn’t be too hard to track down a handyman who can repair your faulty hinge, paint your shed, or rebuild your roof. Handyman’s qualities and skills are known to the entire world.

If you’re a property owner or tenant, you’re surer to find yourself searching for a handyman at one point or the other. If you need help fixing drywall, installing a led light, or repairing a faulty staircase, a handyman is a jack-of-all-trade. Many handymen excel in remodeling and renovation projects, some work on odd jobs all across the house. Also, qualified DIYers can require a handyman to finish projects that they do not have time to perform, even when extra help is needed. Once you employ a handyman, make sure to pose specific questions to secure a good job. Once you hire the first handyman company that turns up on the web, there seem to be nine aspects you ought to understand. Don’t sign the dotted line unless all the following points are taken into consideration.

  1. Friends & Relatives are among the major references.

Curbing a significant step of the entire process would be to hire a handyman through your friends and family. When dealing with handymen, the crucial part of the whole process is finding somebody you trust. Thankfully, friends and colleagues would never suggest someone they can’t trust or do a stellar job.

Ask your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues for suggestions. You also could question former professionals that you’ve been associated with. They sometimes have contacts in the business. You could ask for recommendations from your friends on social media. You could also post questions and queries on blogs, mailing lists, and related web pages. Clients and managers of independent nearby hardware shops also have great resources. Nothing’s going to ease your mind better than a positive note from a friend a few blocks away saying that a particular handyman was timely, performed quality work, and met their expectations. Handymen are dependent on word-of-mouth to establish their companies. One who is worth recruiting would quickly be able to provide you with at least four positive references.

  1. Plan and research the project expenditure

Speaking of expenditures, just like having to work for any home renovation expert, you must never pay for the full assignment until it is 100% finished. Most professionals are going to ask for a deposit to guarantee productivity, which is very basic. Even so, if those who request the payment in full even before the venture even starts, a big question mark must be brought up. Note, in this deal, you have the leverage. If you give them all of your money before the project is done, that authority has switched.
Generally, a handyman does not ask for a deposit before the project starts. Be extra vigilant y to someone who requests a significant payment (a little above 10% of the actual cost of the task) in lieu of service. Whenever the proposal calls for costly products, strongly suggest that you pay straight to the vendor. Most handymen are not trained writers … you can very well draw up a contract or a task list yourself, with descriptions and costs, and make him sign it if he does not wish to give a written quote.
The approximation may also double as a written agreement. Avoid your thrifty tendencies as much as you can when desperately looking for the best handyman. The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best; in fact, they ‘re not even the finest.

  1. Check and verify licensing regulations.

Regardless of how awkward it can sound, it is not irrational, so you must inquire for the documentation of insurance and valid permit. Be careful to test the expiry dates. Every state is not similar, and you’re supposed to consult with the local business agent or city hall. Believe this or not, certain handymen are boasting regarding their contractor’s license details. Although some states may not demand such proof, others do.
Verify with your local authority to see if your state needs it, and if it does, confirm the number. e Also, make sure they provide insurance. It would be best if you were prepared should a big shock comes up. Without insurance, you might be on the leash for a much bigger maintenance charge. Licensing regulations for practical work differ by the city government. Some experienced handymen would be approved in some city areas, although they might not be allowed in several other regions. Please request a copy of the permit and then call the local or state department that grants the authorization to check that it is still legitimate. Several forms of maintenance and renovation work necessitate a permit from the city.

You can get a registered handyman certificate, but you are the one liable if non-permitted work is done. Perform your research so that you are not in breach of the law. As frustrating as it can be, owners typically have to have their respective licenses. When it comes to repairing floors or installing plumbing, you don’t always need licenses, but other works demand them. Your local authority is the primary source of information based on which tasks require a permit and what must be addressed during the filing process. Remember that certain handymen are going to try to get the permits for you, but as usual, that happens with an additional cost.


  1. Always interview the contractors.

Never employ a handyman over the phone or the internet. All prospective professionals ought to check at the project, offer you an accurate quotation, and confirm that he or she is the perfect person for the work. Even so, there seems to be a variety of concerns you need to raise before finalizing the handyman.

  • How long has it been for you in this industry?
  • Can you show your experience with the project concerned?
  • Are there any visual proofs of a similar project?
  • In terms of communication, is there a preference?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • What is the approximate duration in the competition of the project?
  • Can you breakdown the entire cost of the project? List the details.
  • Can you provide some personal information about yourself?
  • Do you have references? If yes, please share the contact details.



Once you have the references and information about the handyman, make sure you have the estimates run down. Also, try to keep at least two-three different estimates ready before you finalize. You could also ask the handymen on why they are charging so much or so less than others. Ultimately, the answers would help you figure if you can trust the handymen or not.


  1. Be clear and concise with your requirements.

Handymen can’t read your minds. If you want a contractor to make the cabinet doors, for instance, before the job begins, you’ll want to specify the quality and the make, the paint, how you want the handles coated, and all other essential information. The handyman may pass judgment on what they believe is better, but they’re not generally the best judge.  Get some clarity and write everything down. While there are several handymen with a wide variety of abilities, you can’t say anything. Mostly during the vetting process, it is essential to go through the checklist with the handyman. Your aim is to determine if the handyman can finish the job that you have employed him for.

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To sum up, when you pick a handyman, you need to choose somebody you trust. Once you’ve formed a trust through the interview session, possibilities are, they’re the genuine handyman that’s perfect for your job.




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