Be A ‘DIY’ Plumber & Save Your Money With These Clever Hacks

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How advantageous would it be to have a plumber in the family, especially when the kitchen saps is clogged? In this situation, plumbing hacks are the best thing which one can perform on your own.

Here are the most common “DIY” that one can perform to be a plumber to his sweet home. Take a look

Save Money as you Flush

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To save water and cash with every flush, put a 20-ounce water bottle toward the corner of the toilet tank. Every flush will use less water due to the dislodging in the tank. Ensure the container of water stays at the base of the tank and is not free-floating.

Recover Lost Items

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To recover objects that have fallen into the toilet, use a wet or dry Vac, never a plunger. Remove the vacuum’s filter before sucking water into it. Coordinate the hose into the toilet, going as far down the deplete as would be prudent.

Stop the Dripping

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Is dripping faucet making you crazy? As a temporary fix, tie a string around the faucet with enough length to reach the drain. This will stop the dripping sound until you can get a handyman to alter the hole. The most common reasons for dripping faucets are a ragged washer, an awful internal seat or a worn or damaged faucet cartridge.

Unclog the Sink

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Is your kitchen sink grease-clogged? Don’t worry! Just pour ¼ amount of Dawn dish cleanser into the drain. Keep it there for 20 minutes. Then, put some bubbling water. The Dawn will emulsify the grease to get soften, and it will go away with bubbling water.

Pipe Thread Hack

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If your pipes are leaking, turn off the water connected with the pipes. This should be possible at the main valve to the house. Use a monkey wrench to release the pipes at their strings, and separate them for the time being.

While reconnecting the pipes, the two pieces will have a tighter, firmer grip without replacing.

Plumber’s tip:

Don’t ever use chemicals as they’ll eat away pipes with rust. As the acid in these chemicals destroy plumbing.

If the above given DIY’s work for you, well & good! But, if not, then you must call your plumber.

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