Do You Need Roof Repair?


Often, it is difficult to tell whether your roof needs any repairing or maintenance? Here are some things to look for:

Do You Need Roof Repair?

  • Loose Shingles – Inspect well your shingles to determine if they are wobbly or loose. Shingles should be tightly packed in neat rows, but not bumped together. Also, check thoroughly for cracked, buckling, or curved shingles as these can create problems.
  • Unsealed Nails – Unsealed nails acts as a ‘road’ for water to seep under your shingles and home. Be sure to check beside the roof-line, particularly for unsealed nails as even a minute leak can weaken a large section of your roof.
  • Missing Flashing – Flashing are the metal portions that are placed around any joint or projection in a roof system to keep the water out. These can create leakage if missing.
  • Debris Buildup – Leaves and twigs may sometimes get caught in cracks. However, large amounts of settled debris can lead to decaying and leaking. Make sure your roof doesn’t hold any debris. If this is so, get your roof properly angled and shingled to avoid debris buildup.
  • Soft Spots – There should be no softness as you carefully walk along your roof.  A soft spot can be an indication to water damage and should be repaired immediately.
  • Dark Spots –Make sure to check for sign of roof damage inside your loft. Also, check out the underneath of your roof. There should be no dark spots or water trails and even the wood should be clean and dry. On noticing any such spot, note the exact location and get it repaired.

 Remember, repairing your roof on time it more cost-effective than replacing it completely. So, hopefully these tips will help you to spot roof problems before they turn into disasters.

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