Home Staging tips for Spacious and Modern Kitchen Décor

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A kitchen overhaul can cost you buckets of money which you probably will not fully recover when you sell your home. Therefore, it will be more significant to go for small changes, instead of going for a complete kitchen remodeling Curb appeal may get many buyers at your doorstep, but your living space makes them buy your home. Often the homeowners, when selling their home focus on making sure that their living room and bathrooms are inviting, but don’t overlook your kitchen makeover. For buyers, a clean, contemporary and a well-laid-out kitchen is a major consideration because it contributes to the overall happiness in the home.

When it comes to kitchen staging, consider what small changes you can make to apprise it. Remember, a successful staged kitchen should look, smell and feel clean and fresh.  It should appear spacious, good looking and welcoming.

Here are a few tips to prep your dining space and kitchen to WOW buyers.

1. Get your kitchen cleaned professionally: A sparkling kitchen is the one that looks the best. So, have your kitchen cleaned thoroughly by a professional.

Kitchen-cleaning- professionals2. Consider fresh paint: Painting your kitchen can give you the biggest bang for your buck. A new and a bright coat of paint, in a hue that matches with the counters and cabinets can give your kitchen a new-like look. You can also go for crisp white if you are ever in doubt.

fresh-paint--for-kitchen3. Be hyperaware  of odors: A fresh aroma invigorates a human soul! Make sure all the trash, debris and pet-related items are disposed off  before displaying your home. Take your time to clean inside and under the containers themselves. You can run a lemon down your garbage disposal. A bad odor can turn off your buyer within no time.

hyperaware of odors4. Clear the Counters: Put all the unnecessary items out of sight. A coffee maker and a toaster are the only things that can be considered. Keep your cabinets  spotless and gleamy by getting cleaning services.

Clear the Counters5. Organize inside cabinets: Guess what? It is possible that the buyers peep inside your cabinets. And if your cabinets are overstuffed, it leaves them with the impression of insufficient storage in the kitchen. Remove extra items, mismatched stuffs and anything that simply does not look good. You can even look for handyman services that can make your task easy.

Cabinets_kitchen cabinet-insert6. Style open shelving: An open shelving can look great! Style your open shelving with a goal to show people how it can be useful and look stylish. Leave each shelf with some open space. A set of white dishes and clear glasses can give you an elegant look.

Style open shelving7. Consider making upgrades: After cleaning and organizing your kitchen, it’s time to upgrade it. Upgrade your cabinets and counters if these are outdated or ugly-it can make a huge difference. Replace your appliances as they wear out with a similar metallic look in your switches. You can even upgrade your backsplash with new bright tiles. But remember, do a mini-model that it doesn’t go beyond your budget.

Consider making upgrades8. Make the faucet shine: Clean your faucets and sink well and ne sure to fix any leak. A pretty shining faucet gives a good impression.

Make the faucet shine 9. Add new tea towels: Brand new tea towels are a great, cost-effective way to add a splash of color and pattern to your monotonous kitchen.

Add new tea towels10. Bring in fresh flowers and greenery: Fresh flowers or potted herbs can bring life and cheer to your kitchen. Arrangement in this way is inexpensive and looks good. For example, you can place cheerful daisy-like flowers in a glass jar.

Bring in fresh flowers and greenery
Hope these tips will get your home the worth it deserves!!

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