How to Accentuate Your Living Room

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It is the room where we spend the bulk of our time together with loved ones. It is the space in our home where we entertain guests.

A living room is the heart of your house. No wonder why you would like to make it comfortable, impressive and functional as possible.

However, the decoration of a living room can be tricky as you have to decide on many things, from the paint colours for the walls to the arrangement of furniture.

Don’t worry! Let’s walk through this brief guide to know how to spice up the most favourite room in your home. 

Install Real Wood Floors:

Floors are an important part of your home décor, thereby requiring special attention. Why not invest in a real wood floor?

This floor adds sophistication to your interiors. A polished oak floor surfaced with thick pile rug vibes grandeur and adds luxury to your space. Yeah, it can be expensive but worth your investment to give a luxury touch to your apartment.

Decorate it with Chandeliers:

A chandelier is one of the common items you must have noticed in most luxury settings, from those lavish palaces to upscale hotels.

Why not bring the one for your apartment? After all, your living space deserves royal looks.

A chandelier makes your apartment looks classy and elegant. There are many contemporary styles of chandeliers available and you can easily choose the one according to your taste.

Create a Mood with Colours:

Colours set the mood of your room. You can make your room more relaxing or energizing, depending on how you use the intensity of the colours. For example, a calm combination of soft blue and white make your living room feel cool, calm, and relaxing. You can keep a light tan carpet underfoot to balance the cool tones of these colours.

Think About Black Interior Doors:

Black interior doors are a trendy way to add a little “drama” to otherwise plain and boring design schemes. They give expensive look to your living spaces as they make it look classier. Plus, they are great for hiding the imperfections like damage and dirt.

Bring In Statement Mirror to Complete the Look:

Mirrors are useful in interior decoration as they make the available space look larger and also add a distinct touch of opulence to your rooms. This is especially true for small spaces.

There are many ways to use a mirror to transform your interiors without changing even a single thing. For example, a large mirror wall can be placed right across a life-size window at your home (if you have any). It will make your room look bigger and brighter. Or the mirror can be placed above the mantel.

Choose the Right Furniture:

Furniture adds to the comfort as well as the décor of your living room. However, decorating and arranging chairs, sofas and tables within the room is not easy. There are many things to consider so that the pieces of furniture can ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal as well. Here’s how:

  • Whether you’re buying living room furniture online or offline, make sure to measure the room so that all pieces fit perfectly across space. For example, you can sketch out a measurement of a 16×10 room as a 16 x 10-inch box on a paper. Try putting the sofa and chairs to determine what works best visually.
  • Place and position the huge pieces of furniture first.
  • Allow enough foot traffic between each piece of furniture and the path between doorways.
  • Choose the coffee tables which height should be lower than the seat height of the sofas and chairs around them.
  • Try to place side tables on either side of the sofa.
  • Accessorize them with rugs, floor lamps and shelves.

Create a Focal Point:

The focal point is one of the basic elements in interior design. It is the first place where the eyes of the visitors land as they enter the room. The rest of the design should be built around this focal point. A fireplace is a natural focal point. However, you can set the TV or stunning piece of art as your focal point.

Putting these tips into practice will add to the beauty as well as the functionality of your living room. If you want help with furniture assembly service in NYC then contact Handyman at your service at most affordable price.

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