How to Choose Perfect Painting Combination for your Home


Paint colors that we choose for our homes, defines the way they look- how inviting and ambient they are? How incited or relaxed we feel when we’re home? Or even how open or cramped the space around the house feels?
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So many times it happens that you feel you have the perfect color for your room. You spend hours getting it painted; you match the upholstery with the paint color, you chose matching lights with the paint, to only find out that in the end, you hate it all.

This can happen due to several reasons, the basic one being, you weren’t well equipped to choose the right painting combinations for the house. Although it’s hard to guarantee what color combinations one can like, but here’s a few tips you can follow to get it all right.

You can take help from apartment painters in NYC, and give your own inputs as well

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Choose the wall paints in the end:-  Ask any professional painter in NYC, and they will tell you that paint is the not the first thing to choose for your home decor. Tiles, counter tops, and carpets, these are things that are available in a lesser variety than paint colors, so choose them first. The next thing is drapes, rugs, curtains and other fabrics and soft finishes that should be chosen. These too don’t offer as much variety as do wall paints.

Lastly, before choosing the wall paints, do remember to get all your accent pieces in place. You can contrast colors, or anything you like. Finally when all the things are in place, then choose the paint colors that will appropriately match the surroundings, in fact complement them.

The wall paint first or the ceilings paint first:-  

The wall paint first or the ceiling paint first is a pestering question for most, but in fact an easy one to answer. You simple have to choose the star of the show, and all else will follow. If you like the traditional styles and have decided to keep the ceilings and the trims white, then all you have to do is chose the wall paints. Remember the wall paint needs to be imposing, and at the same time not superimposing.

Reverse of the traditional approach is the conventional approach, where the first thing you do is choose the color of the trims and ceilings, and then those for the walls. The focal point here is the walls and trims. The wall paints here are the support colors, and hence secondary.


Notice how interior lights affect the interiors of the walls:- 

Before you specify a color combination for a room, do take a look at the lighting sources of the room. How much natural light is available throughout the day, what the existing sources of artificial light in the room, and what more can be added. Paints change their colors in the reflection of different lights. Therefore, it’s important to choose colors that match the source of light.

Professional painters in New York City will always pay heed to the source of light. Paint a small patch, throw some light over it, and see if it looks anything like you expected.




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