How to Create a Functional Office from a Home Closet

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Not able to maintain your home office only because most of the space is engaged by kids for their project work? This is understandable; arranging huge official stuff can really be difficult at home, especially if you are living in a congested place. Moreover, you need to hide all the office mess from relatives and guests visiting you.Bedford-Home-Office-Modular-Components-Design-Ideas

Well, if you want to place your home office out of sight to generate more space, it’s feasible. Just look at the space within one of the closets, which you can turn into a well-organized and smart office in almost no time!

Steps to create your small office inside a closet:

1. Measure the Space

First of all, measure the total distance separating the sidewalls keeping in mind how many shelves you need and how much width a plywood shelf normally has. Decide how wide you need to make the drawers, and check what size will fit your closet the best. It would be intelligent to first build the frames and attach the slides before building the drawers.

2. Attach the countertop

Mark level lines for the base of the countertop and cabinets, indicating the sides through vertical lines. The countertop will rest on the cleats screwed to the wall studs and gaps can be covered by the backsplash.home office design

3. Assemble the Cabinets

Attach shelf standards on the sides of the cabinet before you assemble the wall cabinets. Screw the sides to the top and bottom and you can prevent the plywood from tearing by drilling pilot holes.

4. Build the Drawers

Build the drawer frames first so that all the drawers fit well in place. Build drawers with the exact width that can fit in the distance between the slides. You can also buy drawers that can be attached straight to the underside of a countertop.cameo_expanded

5. Cover Cords with a Backsplash

Open cords don’t look good and you need to hide them in such a way that you’ve quick access to them. You can attach a backsplash board to create a cord trench. Mount the backsplash to the cleats and drill holes where you need cords.

While working in a closet may sound cramped, once you remove the unnecessary clutter, you will see what a prime real estate area it is for your home office. Especially if you live in an apartment or smaller home, a closet office will help you work from home, and keep your sanity in other rooms of the house. Use these tips to bring inspiring decor and functional organizational ideas to your office space from our Handyman at your service experts. You will love how your new space inspires you to do more with our specialized IKEA furniture assembly services!

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