Pandemic Remodelling is Booming: Here’s What Your Neighbors Are Doing

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According to the home improvement research institute, Americans have
spent an estimated $439.9 Billion on home improvement in 2020 alone.
While you infer the pandemic to be challenging and dull, others are taking
advantage of these lockdowns and quarantine periods for something
innovative and productive. Did you know home-improvement projects are
booming during the pandemic? why? Because people have time in their
hands and have already had a vision they are now bringing to life.
Handyman services have never been so popular and effective as during
pandemic lockdowns.

This is the perfect time for you to utilize and bring that home-
improvement Pinterest board to life. There are so many things that the
COVID-19 pandemic has taught us and while we are all struggling to
adjust to the new normal, it has come to everyone's realization that our
homes could do a lot better.

Now that you know that home improvement projects are on the rise, why
not join the club and give your home the transformation it deserves.

home remodelling

Take a look at the top home-improvement projects that became popular during the

1. Fencing

Everyone dreams of splendid outdoor living space but they don’t
have the time and inclination to indulge in the project. While you
could hire the best handyman in New York it would always be best
to include yourself in the project. Such projects include fencing
which not only adds to The beauty of the house but also provides
privacy. Pandemic lockdowns saw a lot of people investing their
time, energy, and money in fencing.

2. Porch and Deck Remodelling

Not too different from outdoor remodeling, many households
invested in home improvement projects by adding a deck or
beautifying their porch and patio. This is the perfect time for you to
spruce up the outdoors.

3. Roofing

Roofing was among other popular home improvement projects
during pandemic lockdowns in 2020. There were many who utilized
their time in roofing using asphalt shingles to replace their roofs.

4. Smart home upgrades

Although smart home improvements are as easy as installing a video
camera doorbell or remotely controlled thermostat, electronically
control door locks, etc., people chose to upgrade their homes into
smart homes during pandemic lockdowns. The simplest way to
install smart home security services, however, is by hiring
handyman services.

5. Kitchen Renovations

Probably the most postponed home improvement project is a kitchen
renovation. The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home and
therefore very rightly it takes time for you to decide on the theme,
decor, and aesthetics of your brand new remodeled kitchen. Every
family member has to have a say in this project and this is why it
takes time. This is exactly why this dream home improvement
project has been one of the most popular during pandemic

6. Painting

Speaking of renovations, another popular home improvement project
is painting. While it is surprisingly odd to find it in this list,
households found the lockdowns to be the perfect time for exterior
and interior painting. This seems like a perfect time to hire the best
handyman in New York.

7. Flooring

Flooring is inevitable when it comes to remodeling. Flooring is a
popular home improvement project in most cases. According to a
2019 analysis, back in 2017, indoor flooring was replaced by more
than 5.2 million homeowners making it the number 1 home
improvement project. Rightly so, many households had their floors
laminated or re-installed in 2020.

8. Landscaping

Home improvement projects are incomplete without landscaping.
Whether it is to beautify your home or increase its resale value,
landscaping has its significance when it comes to home renovation.
A beautiful outdoor space is the best way to accentuate the beauty of
your home. Therefore, it is another popular home improvement
project carried out during pandemic lockdown. Handyman services
are of big help in this case.

9. Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom renovations are among the most sought-after home
remodeling projects and it has proven to be among the most popular
home improvements amid the coronavirus pandemic. Unmet
timetables and prolonged timelines usually get remodeling projects
postponed; it is only during pandemic lockdowns people have
invested in bathroom renovations because time not being a major
constraint in the process.

10. Redecoration

This pandemic, as mentioned before, has made us all look at the
details of our homes- their flaws and strengths. Along with that,
another factor to be added here is the aesthetic appeal. This brings us
to the last and among the most significant home improvement
project— redecorating. Right from the tone of your front door to
artworks on your walls; redecoration gives your home a fresh look
and aura. Perfect time to get things started.

All of the above home improvement projects prove to show that a
pandemic does not necessarily have to be challenging for your family. It is possible to stay positive and invest in home improvement with the
assistance of the best handyman services.

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