The 4 Worst Handyman Gifts You Can’t Expect At All

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For all those handy men and women out there, getting gifts is all about adding up new tools and cool accessories to their collection. But, have you ever got a surprise by getting weird and strange gifts from someone? Or, have you ever gifted the same to any of your close handyman friend? If not, then I must say you the lucky one…

Here are the 6 worst Handyman gifts that you can’t even think of gifting them to your stranger friend or relative. So, take a look…

Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug


What if somebody gifts a toilet mug to you. As a professional handyman, you have helped a lot to them. Now it’s time for you to get rewarded! What if somebody gifts you a toilet mug, saying that it can be an impeccable mug for the handy man or woman to have frozen yogurt and sweet also. But, believe me! It’s not. Who will feel like having anything in a toilet mug???

Thumb Saver

Thumb Saver

Sometimes while drilling the walls, you tap two with a hammer and the third time, you hammer your nail. And, that’s painful a lot. So, gifting a thumb saver may save handyman’s nail while work. But, gifting this is really weird rather than hoping for the best that it never happens. Your handyman can think negative that you have given the gift purposely that you’ll get hurt with hammer and often need this.

Pink Tool Set

Pink Toolkit Handyman


There are myriad women that are great with tools. Trying to girly them up with pink grasps and handles does not make them, always cherish their tool. But, If you are a man and you get a pink toolbox as a gift, don’t accept it as it’s a matter of embarrassment.

iPhone Multi-tool

iPhone Multi-set

Multi-tools are designed to be the ideal gift. They are not designed to really be valuable. Many perform various functions – however, all ineffectively. It transforms your telephone into a wire stripper, bottle opener and screwdriver in addition to other things. And, I don’t think so every person will get agree to this. A few will be ready to transform their iPhone, whereas many can’t get agree to this. So, don’t make your friend unhappy by gifting this.


So, the above mentioned are the worst gifts that I feel shouldn’t be gifted to a handyman as it can irritate them. Do you have any worst gift to share? Feel free to share in a comment box given below!

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