Tools Every Homeowner and DIYer Should Own


There are many jobs anyone can do without calling a handyman or a contractor. From hammering a nail into a wall, cutting the wooden planks, fixing the electrical wires, to repairing kids’ toys and painting, there are many things you can do with basic “handyman” skills.

However, you need to have the right tools to get such jobs done. From screwdrivers, pliers to a drill machine, several essential tools save you a lot of time as well as help you do the job precisely.

Here we have rounded up such important tools for homeowners and DIYers.


Look for a hammer that comes with a comfortable grip. Or it is better to prefer the one that has vibration-dampening coatings. Since you are likely to use a hammer for the occasional demolition apart from pounding nails, pick a model with a straight or “rip” claw. The head of the hammer should be smooth rather than being checkered or dimpled. Such hammerheads don’t cause surface damage and nail slippage.

While a regular hammer or claw hammer is a staple part of your home toolbox, a sledge hammer might be a luxury; however, it should be a part of your toolkit. Sledge hammers are useful to break rocks and concrete associated with wall remodeling or blacksmith projects.


A screwdriver is a common tool found in every household. However, the far better investment would be an interchangeable screwdriver set.

This is because you can use plenty of bits with one screwdriver handle. These bits are made for several jobs such as appliances, toys, mobile phones, and even computer components. This way, the set gives you the benefit of multiple screwdrivers in one screwdriver. Make sure they come in a bag or pouch so that you don’t lose the bits.


Pliers are small tools used to hold things firmly and are useful for twisting or bending a range of materials, especially metals. There are many pliers to choose from and each on have their strengths and gripping efficiency. Make sure to invest in a good set of pliers that includes long-nose pliers, combination pliers, and locking pliers to meet your requirements.

Cordless Drill Machine:

Every homeowner or DIYer should own some power tools for quick and accurate work. The battery-operated cordless drill for drilling and driving the screws is a very useful tool that you should have in your home for easy and quick work. This single machine lets you drill a hole of all sizes on all surfaces, including concrete, wood, and metal, and can also be screwed efficiently. As an added bonus, you can use a battery-operated drill machine outdoor.

Measuring Tape or Tape Measure:

Whether you are drilling, cutting, hammering, or fixing anything, a measuring tape is required to measure the dimensions. You cannot always rely on your ability to gauge the measurement, as you cannot get an accurate job done without a tape measure.

Although you don’t need a long tape measure for your simple home-based works, a tape should be durable, flexible, lockable, and retractable. Tape measures are generally made from plastic, cloth, fiberglass, or metal strip with liner measurement marks.

Prefer a metal strip-type tape measure as it makes it easy for one person to use and can be rewound quickly. You can consistently pull the tap out without having to hold it down while snapping one end into place. At the same time, you can note the measurement. When the job is done, retract the tape with the touch of a button.

Adjustable Wrenches:

Spanners or wrenches are useful when it comes to loosening or tightening the nuts and bolts. Buy an adjustable wrench that is easy to use. But the best thing about them is that they can change their size to grip different size nuts or bolts.

Utility Knife:

Having a utility knife simplifies your cutting jobs like cutting paper, opening boxes, cardboard, and cutting sheets.

Make sure to buy the one which has a safe and comfortable handle. Prefer the one that gives you a bag to store the additional blades.

Adhesive Tape:

Generally, there are four types of adhesive tapes available and each one is used for a different purpose.

The first one is duct tape. It is used to fix a torn tarp, patch the fabric temporarily, fix the plastic items, and replace the broken handles.

Another important tape is electrical tape that is used to insulate electrical cables. Use painter’s tape to cover trim, surface edges, or ceiling edges before painting a wall. It is easy to remove after the completion of your paint job.

Teflon tape or plumber’s tape is applied or rolled onto the threaded end of a pipe to create a leak-proof seal as well as to tighten the fitting.

Circular Saw:

If you want to work quickly and precisely, you can add a circular saw to your toolkit. A circular saw is used to cut plastic, wood, and marble. While you can use a hand saw or hex blade for small jobs, you need an electric circular saw for quick and accurate work.

So this is the list of some essential tools for a homeowner or a DIY person. Make sure to buy high-quality tools. One more thing—having a tool doesn’t mean you get the license to do the things on your own.

Leave the complicated and risky jobs that are beyond your expertise to a professional handyman. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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