Top Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious


When was your bathroom ever a place to look aesthetically pleasing? It used to be room to do your business and get on with your daily routine. Today, the handyman in Manhattan is reshaping the way we perceive bathrooms. Thanks to the contemporary designs and décor inspirations, we are never out of ideas. Suddenly all the ideas go out the window when your budget enters the panel. Don’t fret, we have got you covered.

Expert handyman services offer great designs at affordable costs. Hard to believe right?

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive: 9 Ingenious Bathroom Ideas

Here are a few trendy ideas for your bathroom to look and feel plush.

Don’t ignore the classic décor

Classic might feel outdated but they are the perfect addition to your décor for an absolute expensive look. One such design is adding grey tiles or marble work in your bathroom. Apart from the fact that it is the go-to color in the design industry, its soothing appeal matches most elements. Instead of dark, cold grey, a warm-toned grey like greige can spruce up the bathroom and prevent the bathroom from looking dull. Another reason to add griege to your bathroom walls is that it would complement the wooden cabinets and vanity. A high-end result awaits you with the right accessories and lighting.

Let the outdoors shine

Ever noticed how the best design digests showcase the exterior beauty of the bathroom instead of plain walls? That’s because you win the bathroom makeover game when you make the outdoors the star of the bathroom. The outdoor design element is not only a statement décor idea but also a great way to have more natural light in your living space. Another way to incorporate the outdoor feel into your bathroom design is by installing tall windows. Hire the best handyman in NYC to get the personalized ideas and tips to accentuate the space for an outdoor shower oasis.

Monochromatic color scheme

Ever noticed the spas or the luxurious bathrooms in plush hotels? What’s common among them? Use of one hue or variants of one color. The monochromatic color scheme is the ultimate sophistication when it comes to décor. Also, you don’t necessarily have to choose plain colors to start with. Choose a color and use its varying shades on the walls. For instance, shades of blue will give away a beautiful nautical theme.

A spa-inspired bathroom is ready.

Painted Furniture

If your bathroom has ample space then don’t shy away from decorating it with high-end furniture. Even better if they are old, in a reusable state, and give away a vintage look. In this case, hire the best painter in Manhattan to transform a boring bathroom space into an expensive vanity. Choose a color that complements your accessories and linens. A great color for bathroom cabinets and tables would be a rich greige or beige as it would go along with every piece of your bathroom.


Renovation is one thing but to revamp the space for a luxurious look will have you thinking out of the box. Considering you want the bathroom to look expensive you have to splurge smart. Even the simplest of spaces can be redesigned by using timeless tiles. The key to a simple and elite design is by going for neutral tones and feature them only in the shower/bath area. This gives the space tons of personality for years to come. Also, who doesn’t love a Zen retreat vibe?

Art inspired

Redecorating the bathroom with colorful tile accents is another great idea to incorporate a splash of colors creatively. Another way to have an artsy look in your bathroom is by displaying art accessories and accents.

The best way to get the best of luxury in your bathroom is by hiring an experienced handyman in NYC. This way you get quality workmanship and great results.

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