What to Consider Before Buying a TV Table Stand


You might not look at the TV stand while watching the TV. But the fact is that they ensure you a better viewing angle as well as accentuate your home décor. A TV Stand also stores your accessories like speakers, blue-ray players, and media libraries.

Whether you’re buying a TV table stand online or at your nearest furniture store, it is important to choose the right one that can meet your needs. All you need to keep the following considerations into mind while buying a TV table stand.


The size of the TV unit is generally determined by the size of your TV to be placed on it. Apart from that, other things to be factored into are accessories like a set-top box, gaming consoles, and speakers.

Make sure to choose a TV table stand that can meet your requirements. If you are not sure about the exact TV measurement, measure across the screen diagonally using a measuring tape.

The TV stand should be measured across. Keep in mind that the TV stand should be at least as wide as your screen, giving you space for other Electrician Services, Furniture Assembly Services.


Are you looking for a wooden TV stand? Or you are after the one made of metal or glass? Each material unleashes different styles of aesthetics. For example, wood is known for unleashing rustic and timeless appeal. Metal TV stand brings minimalist appeal while glass stand is known for sophistication and elegance. It is purely a matter of choice.


TV table stands are available in many types, from entertainment centres, hutches and corner TV stands to platform TV stands.

  • Platform TV Stand comes without sides, walls, and backs. Some stands may have shelves for audio/video accessories.
  • Corner TV Stand comes with angled stands, making it great for small space areas like bedrooms and small apartments. 
  • TV Wall Mount is installed at the wall at eye level, thereby freeing up the floor space. 
  • Cantilever TV Stand is placed on the floor while the TV is mounted on the spine. It offers better mobility than a wall mount. 
  • Hideaway TV Stand or Pop-Up Stand lets you hide the TV inside the stand, when not in use. Thanks to its motorized mechanism that pops in and pops out the TV. It is ideal for those having expensive TV and kids at home. 
  • A credenza is like a sideboard cupboard featuring a cupboard flanked by quadrant glass display cabinets. It is made of polished wood. 
  • Entertainment Centre offers plenty of storage for accessories, such as set-top boxes, video game consoles, and media players. Their easy design lets you connect any cords from devices in the cabinet to the TV. 


Choose a TV stand that complements your interiors or another style. For an evergreen style, go for a traditional TV stand made from hardwood.

For a sophisticated take on your interiors, you can choose the one with sharp and sleek lines.

The shades of brown go well with a variety of colour schemes and styles. Black is known for its luxurious vibes and is the best for a contemporary-style home.

Additional Features:

Some TV stands come with shelves, glass doors, and drawers. However, you need the one that provides you with enough space for the accessories to be placed with the TV. Go for adjustable shelves if you have items of different sizes that you want to place in your TV stand. If you want to display your items, go for the one equipped with glass doors. It is better if the TV stand ensures you mobility so that you can move the stand without any trouble.


Whether you’re buying a TV at your nearest retail stores or online, it is important to choose the one that meets your requirements. It might take you some research and hassle to choose the right one. But it is for sure that pays off if you end up with a perfect TV stand. What do you think? Drop your comments below to the comment box.

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