Which is Better – Solar Roof Shingles or Solar Panels?


Are you also looking for some great options to go eco- friendly? Harnessing solar energy seems to be one of the most feasible and fastest things one can employ. And, this is the reason why it is becoming popular among the homeowners.

Which is Better – Solar Roof Shingles or Solar Panels

The good thing is that not only photovoltaic cells offer a clean energy alternative, but also help you save money on energy bills. With solar energy advancing in the recent years, a greater number of options have appeared. Ranging from those traditional solar panels to the latest solar roof shingles, there is a varying range. Hence, at time it becomes difficult for the homeowners to select the best option. But not anymore! Here is all you need to know about both, have a look:


Certainly, solar panels have been in use for much longer when compare to the solar roof shingles. These were the first used in the space for satellites.

On the other hand, solar roof shingles are the recent launch in the industry. If reports are to be believed, the first solar shingles came into use in 2011. It is said to be used in the State of Colorado at the earliest. Being produced by Dow, now these are one of the most popular solar shingles in the market.

Installation Time and Efforts:

Solar panels acquire greater time and efforts for installation. These have to be mounted above the shingles. Hence, it is clear that additional installation needs to be there after the protective shingle layer installed. And undoubtedly, installing solar panels will take much longer time. It is more technical than the shingles application.

Alternatively, solar shingles can be installed just the way you do for regular asphalt shingle. Basically, the solar ones replace the asphalt shingles in the area to be placed. So, if you are considering going for a re-roof project, you can order less asphalt shingles and installed the solar shingles. The best thing is that they have a quicker installation time. In most cases, it is fond that almost is done 2/3 faster that doing it with the solar panels.


Being big and hard, they are not so attractive. And definitely, it is one of the major drawbacks that make homeowners switch to other options.

While in case of shingles, these are much more aesthetically appealing. Being flat in shape, just like a shingle, they are not bulky and too noticeable. This is one of the main differences that consumers opt for solar shingles these days.


In case of solar panels, these are in the market from so many years and have been installed on all types of roofs. Hence, they are very adaptable. You will easily find them on traffic lights, cars, houses, street signs, commercial buildings, etc.

On the contrary, shingles can also be installed on various types of roofs. However, the Dow Powerhouse solar shingles were chiefly designed for fiberglass shingles.

So, now with that in mind, you can choose the best option for yourself!

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