4 Simple DIY Halloween Decorations

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Decorating your room is always fun especially if you are the one who has a creative eye in everything and love to create new stuff every time you plan a makeover of your room.

Diy-Indoor-Halloween-Decorating-Ideas-4Although there are various ways to decorate your room but this time we have come up with the Halloween theme for your DIY room decor.

The Halloween festival is around the corner and giving your room a Halloween touch is the perfect time to set in the mood. Following are simple DIY décor ideas for your room.

1.   Start with Your Door

Halloween Door DecorationThe best way to set the mood for the season is to start it right from the door way. You can welcome your guests with an eerie wreath. Some of the examples are: Putting up cobwebs or jack-o’-lanterns on your door, give it a witchy look by putting some brooms and pointed shoes.

2.   Create a Craft Candy Corn Ambiance

halloween-decorationsCandy corn is an important part in the Halloween festival with more than 35 million pounds of candy corn being sold every year. So, this is another fascinating thing to involve in your DIY decorations.

It is a perfect way to decorate your hurricane-style candle holders. All you have to do is to fill jumbo sized hurricane up to half with candy corn and light a festive candle into it.

3.   Create a Frightful Spider Web


To get into the real Halloween feel, you can create a giant spider webs and hang them onto your trees, porches, fences, or spare poles. All you need is a regular plastic shrink wrap to make one. It is an amazing way to decorate trees in your garden or fences that otherwise look boring.

4.   Add Halloween to Your Wall Art


Another simple yet creative way is to decorate your wall art and portraits with Halloween theme. You can add masquerade masks, snakes, fangs to the wall arts to give them that frightening look. All you just need is few black construction papers, scissors, sticky tack and a little creative insight.

If you have more creative ideas popping your head then you can include them in comments. Let’s all soak into the Halloween mood!

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