How To Prepare Your House For Perfect Airbnb Photos?

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If you are planning to take Airbnb photographs for the first time then this is the right place you have come to. This blog contains few useful and quick tips that you can implement in your home for perfect Airbnb clicks.

Following are few expert tips to prepare your home for amazing Airbnb photos.

If your house has big piles of old magazines, newspapers, cardboard boxes or used shampoo bottles occupying the whole corner, it’s time to de-clutter them all. Dispose off unnecessary stuff that’s occupying a lot of space and create more space in your house.


House For Perfect Airbnb Photos

Add Color

A good way to brighten up your house is by putting up vibrant colors at every corner. No, this is not just about painting your walls with bright and radiant shades. You can even add color by buying colorful cushions, rugs or throws to add instant glamour to your place. This is rather a more budget friendly than getting your whole house painted.  Colorful cushions, and couch covers can really make your house look colorful.

Add Color

Buy A New Bedspread

If you are welcoming a guest then it’s a good idea to buy a new bedspread and spread it in an attractive and neat way over the bed. You can even give add decorative cushions along with pillows to make it look more gorgeous. Even if you are not having guest coming, making your bed every morning is part of good habits.

Beautify with Fresh Flowers or Houseplants

If you’re planning an instant photo shoot, fresh flowers are the best thing you can add to your room. You can choose among wide varieties of flowers of different colors to brighten up your room as well as your day. Otherwise, planting some indoor plants is also a good idea to keep your inner side of the house greener.

Add Effects With Light

Although it’s best to take photographers in the day but you can even add additional lights in case you plan for photo shoot during the night. Alternatively, you can add effects by using dim lights to give it a romantic look or exclusively bright lights for a vibrant look.

For more assistance on your home make over for airbnb photos contact your local handyman service provider in NYC.

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