6 Functional and Stylish Bathroom Tile Ideas

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If getting ready is mere a chore for you, turn your boring bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams with these beautiful tiling ideas. Since years, we have been using simple tiles in the bathroom – square in shape and white or muddy in color. The definition of a stylish bathroom was limited to these lifeless tiles.

But, today the trend has changed greatly. Bathroom interior now includes attractive tiles. Now, people use tile in more interesting ways from artistic creations to bamboo materials. Look around you and you can will get plenty of functional and stylish ideas that can and will work for your own home.

Let’s have a look at the best and inspirational real-life examples.

1. Laminate: Yes. Wooden flooring is no more limited to the rooms and kitchen. You can have laminated wooden flooring inside your bathroom too. It not only brings a coziness into the space but it also give a refreshing and versatile look.

Laminate2. Placement: A beautiful teal tile with a combination of some off-center in placement with a tiny, white square makes the design so much more unique and fun. It is yet another amazing bathroom idea to pay attention to. Don’t you think so?

Placement3. 3-Layer: Layering is the new popular trend in terms of kitchen tiling. With this 3-layer design, you can dress up your bathroom into a simple and subtly decoration. Add a flavor of creamy and neutral mix of white, black, and neutral shades to further enhance the look.

3-Layer4. Patterns: Beautiful patterns are the talk of the hour. Patterns in form of art were used to display on the walls as wall art. But now, they have become a part of bathroom of decoration. A diverse mix of patterned tiles can make a definite statement in your bathroom. You can even emulate this idea from using older reclaimed tile pieces!

Patterns5. Chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate. What if you find chocolate spread around you while you bath? Sounds amazing! Chocolate tiles can look super chic and contemporary in your bathroom. Have a look at these silky and smooth diamond-shaped tiles!

Chocolate6. Hexagon: Give a simple and vintage feel to your bathroom with these amazing small, hexagon tiles!They are just perfect for smaller bathrooms as they add a delicacy and girlish charm without creating too much fuss. Isn’t it??

HexagonBathrooms are the one that often get the short end of the stick in the glamorous world of interior decoration. Create a space worthy of capturing your attention and possibly you’ll get up from your bed easily.

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