I loved Installing this TV Wall Mount- A Handyman’s Voice


Mounting a TV on the wall makes a lot of sense for most people. Not only it frees up space in the home, but is generally a practical move also. So, it has become a common trend today. Mr. Gomes, one of our prominent client in New York, ringed us to get their TV mounted on the wall. And, I was appointed to serve him.

On reaching his place, I had a thorough discussion with him regarding the installation. We discussed about where to install the TV, the size, the mount panel, etc. And then, he told me about the wall mount, which he purchased online from Cotytech. I was so amazed when he told me that Cotytech offers the facility of world-wide delivery for their products. Even, they provide in-house installation services too.

Flat 32-71" TV Wall Mount

Mr. Gomes wanted to wall mount their small screen TV in his kids’ room for which he bought Flat 32 – 71 inch TV Wall Mount. The wall mount had  a supreme design in bright color, and featured 1.6” ultra-low profile. One thing I liked about the wall mount was that its bracket were made in a way to integrate strength. I guess, it is made through the latest engineering technology.  With its quick mounting design and light weight, it became easy for me to install it in no time.

TV InstallationIt is very important that the wall mounts are secure enough to be mounted on the walls and the Cotytech Flat TV Wall Mount ensures this with its lock-in-place feature.  I must say, there was nothing to complain about the product. Excellent design, superb flexibility, lightweight, easy installation and all these features under your budget.

Although I’ installed a number of wall mounts for various clients, but, I really loved installing this one!

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