7 Biggest Plumbing Myths Debunked

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The majority of homeowners believe that if the faucets and drains look good on the surface, the plumbing is working fine. Many follow the aged-old plumbing remedies passing down from generation to generation to take care of their drain and pipes.

How many of these assumptions or conventional wisdom actually work?

Keeping this in mind, here is a rundown of common plumbing myths you shouldn’t believe anymore.

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Only Harsh Chemicals Can Unblock the Clogs:

Some people believe that it is important to force a clog out of the way. And this can be only done with harsh chemicals. Sure, these chemicals can clear the clog, but they can lead to other damages at the same time.

While the chemicals can eat away the clog, they can settle down in your pipes and start damaging them, too. Corroded pipes can lead to a lot of damage and be costly to replace. Top of that, the chemicals can get into your water, leading to several health problems.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals to treat the clogs. Instead, do it yourself manually. Or it is better if you call a professional plumber to get the job done. While calling a plumber costs you a little, it is better than paying to replace the entire plumbing system.

With Running Water, You Can Pour Anything Down Your Garbage Disposal:

The misconception is that running water can improve your disposal function and you can put anything down there.

Here comes the eye-opener. Garbage disposal is not made of titanium blades and can malfunction if it is not taken care of rightly or if you put inappropriate items down it. Avoid pouring down anything that is not a food item. In fact, heavier, thicker food shouldn’t be transferred.

Any Plumber Can do the Job:

When you require plumbing help, you cannot just call any random plumber and expect to get quality service. The person you call out to your house should have the expertise and experience to fix your plumbing issues efficiently. Therefore, make sure to search around for plumbing companies that have good reviews and make sure they are equipped with updated technology.

Plumbing has seen many changes over the years and pacing up with them is what an efficient plumber does. There are many good plumbers out there that can address your plumbing needs efficiently.

All you need to do is research and read their reviews to find them. Make sure your plumbers are certified and carry insurance that can protect you in case something goes wrong. Ask for an estimate in writing before they start work.

You Can Flush Flushable Items:

Well, this is one of the biggest myths associated with plumbing. Although items such as wipes that are labeled as flushable can flush, they might not cleanly slide through the pipes like toilet paper. When something is not able to decompose quickly, like flushable wipes, they pile up in the pipes and lead to clogs.

A Plunger is a Panacea for All Sink Problems:

A plunger is often the last resort if everything else fails to fix your slow or clogged sink. But avoid using a plunger if you have already put chemicals in the drain. Even a small amount of toxic splatter can burn your skin. However, you can try plunging once or twice if you don’t use a liquid drain cleaner. If the plumber fails to produce any effect, it is time to call your plumber as the clog happened deep in the pipes.

Lemons Can Help Clean Your Kitchen Drains and Garbage Disposal:

Lemons are known for their natural cleansing properties and are a household cleaning remedy.

No wonder why it is used in the garbage disposable to clean out any leftover residue. Although lemons can freshen up your kitchen, they can harm your disposable blades.

The lemon peels could get stuck in the garbage disposal and blunt the blades. Instead, use a white vinegar rinse. If your drain and garbage disposal are likely to have stubborn odors, you can switch off the garbage disposal and remove its power source, and then use warm water, soap, and a soft brush to clean it.

Leaky Faucets are Common:

Over years, your plumbing is likely to experience wear and tear. Though a leaky faucet might not seem a big problem, this can quickly lead to a larger and expensive issue if not taken care of.

Some people believe that keeping the faucet handles tightly can increase the life of a faucet and prevent leaks. But this can actually harm your faucet. Just simply turn the handles until the water stops.

Wrapping Up…

If you are not familiar with these misconceptions before now, it is okay. You can move forward from here and take care of your pipes and drains rightly. But make sure to call a plumber if the issue is beyond your DIY expertise.

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