Common Myths about Roof Maintenance



If you are like most homeowners, you must believe these things…

“I don’t need roof maintenance”

“My roof is covered by several warranties”

“There is no relationship between a gutter and a roof”

And what if we tell you that these are nothing but some of the general misconceptions about roof maintenance.

To keep your roof in top shape and be aware of the warranties and best practices, you shouldn’t believe the popular myths given below.

Modern Roofs Require No Maintenance:

Well, technological advancements have made roofs more durable and efficient than before.

That’s said, roof maintenance hasn’t been a history. All roofs, whether it’s old or new, require maintenance. In fact, over 80% of commercial roofs are replaced even before their age. And that’s because of the lack of maintenance.

Therefore, preventive roof maintenance is essential. It keeps your roof in top shape which in turn minimizes the issues in the long run.

More Insulation will maximize Your Savings on Energy:

Adding more than the required insulation is not good. This is because it can block ventilation openings at the soffits and eaves and might lock moisture.

And trapped moisture can lead to excessive mold, warping and rotting.

Gutters Have Nothing to Do with Your Roof:

There seems no logical connection between gutters and roof. Right?

But that’s not right.

This is because gutters play an important role in keeping a structure free from water damage. Not taking care of them can have a negative impact on your roof.

One of the roof’s key functions is to divert water from your home. And gutters are the endpoint of this process. They prevent the water from getting into exterior walls and keep it away from the foundation. Therefore, many roofing installations are equipped with new gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters lead to the leaks behind exterior walls as well as ice damming.

So it goes without saying that gutter should be cleared off sediment, leaves, and debris on a regular basis.

All Asphalt Roof Shingles are Same:

Shingles add durability and come with a warranty of 50 years. They withstand up to 130 mph wind. However, not all shingles are the same. Some shingles are meant for certain issues. For examples, in humid conditions, some roofs are prone to black mold. To deal with this issue, algae resistant shingles are made with the mixtures of copper and zinc. When these materials come into the contact of roof water, they turn into algaecides. Some shingles are available in slate and metal option.

A power wash is good for your roof:

If you are like most homeowners, you must be amazed by the way pressure wash makes your roof look sparklingly clean. However, it may do more harms than goods. Even worse, you may end up repairing the roof system sooner or later. It won’t only damage your shingles, but also cause extreme water damage to the underlying sheets of plywood.

Roof Problems are backed by Materials Warranties:

Do you think so? You need to think again.

Material warranties are meant to cover defects in the material only. And this is just less than 1% of roof failure that is caused by poor installation, lack of maintenance and severe weather. These things are not covered by the material warranties. Even extended or enhanced warranties won’t cover maintenance costs and the issues occurring from the lack of maintenance.

So these are the myths about roof maintenance you shouldn’t believe anymore.

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