7 Must Have Items For The Ultimate Man Cave

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Man Cave

Have you been thinking about creating the perfect MEN spot in your home?

Well, you deserve a place where you can relax in comfort without any disturbances and interruptions of your spouse or kids. These days more and more men are planning to build their man caves. It can be best situated at some distance from the main living area of your home. Or some other locations can be outbuildings like garages, sheds, or any other outdoor structures. This will serve to be your ideal space which offers retreat and privacy which you have been craving for.

Owning a men cave make you feel proud, isn’t it? While every person has different needs and ideas of what actually they want in their man cave, however, there are some basic requirements which make it complete.

Below you will find the list of items that make every man cave complete. Have a look:

  1. A Big Television: Entertainment is the must-have factor in your cave. For watching all your favorite movies, TV shows, and playing those video games, you need to have a big screen. To enjoy all such stuff in style you can ask your interior decorators to fit in a big screen television as per your comfort. You can pick the biggest, brightest, and highest tech television.
  2. Amazing Sound System and Media Center: Of course, a nice TV would be of no use without a latest sound system. While you would love to see every drop of sweat, you will definitely want to hear it hit the court. So make sure the sound system you choose has a receiver for your media cabinet. Invest in 6 to 12 speakers, including a sub woofer. And if you want the best outcomes, inset the speakers into the walls. Be careful with the specifications of the speakers and check for the correct placement and direction.
  3. A Perfect Chair: Your cave is incomplete without an ideal chair. Being ultimate guy furniture, it has to be large and comfortable. Prefer the one with an armrest to hold your drink. If you have no idea for what to buy, you can go for a nice leather recliner. It serves to be a classic seat of choice. Else if you want to try some more adventurous, you can choose a more stylish over-sized modern leather chair. The other good option could be a high quality bean bag. In your special space, the chair has to be of your choice to make your feel comfy and amazing.
  4. Add in Refreshments: No you don’t need to keep a full time bartender for your Cave. Instead you can create one as per your need, taste, and budget. Just that make sure your cave is well stocked with drinks anyway. It is not necessary for you to go for a full size bar. Rather you can keep it more organized choosing a standalone bar option.
  5. Video Game Console: What about challenging your friend for the latest game of Madden? Whatever game you prefer, a video game console is something necessary in your Man Cave. These days you will get a number of modern items which serve your all-in-one media provider. As of now you can go for the next generation of the PlayStation and XBox consoles.
  6. Recreation: When it comes to creativity, this space let you experiment the way you desire. It will be all about hanging out and having a good time. Here you can engage your buddies in a Ping Pong match or you can go for a friendly game of pool. There are endless options including Bumper Pool, Shuffle Board, Foosball, Darts, and so on.
  7. Memorabilia and Art: If you wish to make it more appealing, then you cannot overlook the memorabilia and art factor. With little efforts you can take your space to just another level. You can go for some recent themes and add personal touch to it. Like you can go for a sports themed Man Cave, and add a wall decal of your favorite player. Similarly, you can opt for Vintage Comic and Movie Posters, as per your taste.

So with these you are all set to create your perfect cave. Now get building!

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