Five Tips for ‘Greener’ Kitchen: You cannot Miss Them!

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The need to keep the environment clean and green is no more a secret. There is a dire need to step forward and implement changes to our lifestyle. To make a powerful impact, the start should be potent. Therefore, start from the heart of your house, i.e. Kitchen. Check out some green kitchen remodeling tips here.

greener-kitchenThe world is changing and so is the need of humans living here. Looking forward to the alarming increase in usage of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources, people are moving toward greener sources. While everyone seems to make some efforts to live a greener life, you can add to it by making your kitchen ‘green’. It is the right place to start. Find out some easy ideas to implement to your renovation project.

The Three R’s:

The formula consist of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. It is the best and easiest way out to start with ECO-Friendly renovation. It includes a number of things. To start with remodeling of your kitchen space, say ‘no’ to the use of new materials and reuse the old ones in the new ways. If you wish to change them, you can move to recycling, but make sure to reduce the wastage, wherever possible. Have a look at the solutions you can try out:

  • Use the old flooring to prepare a shed or tree house in your kitchen garden.
  • Do not throw the plastic bottles outside. Instead, use them for planting purpose. It will make your kitchen appear green in true sense.
  • Reuse the cabinet doors, painting them with new colors. In addition, they can be upcycled into a new desk or serving trays

Just add your creativity to the project and you will achieve an ECO-Friendly place to cook.

Efficient energy Usage:

Next comes the selection of Energy Star rated appliances. As you are about to give your space a new look and environment, have you checked for the ratings of the products you are using? Are your ovens, refrigerators, stovetops, etc. ‘Energy Star’ certified? If no, then you are missing a big part. The use of energy efficient devices not only helps you to make your kitchen greener, but also help you to cut down the energy bills.

Appropriate Evaluation

To illustrate this, let us start with a question. Does the energy use begin when you turn on your kitchen appliance? If you think the answer is ‘yes’, then you need to know that the amount of energy consumed is much higher than this. You want to have the best things in your kitchen, but have you ever given a second thought to the fact that the expensive appliances or accessories you import from the other corner of the world, costs much more than their cost. Besides, the manufacturing and shipping charges, these products exerts a huge impact on an appliance’s overall carbon footprint. Therefore, keep sourcing locally or regionally at the top of your checklist.

Start Conservation

There is a lot you wish to add to your kitchen space. What, if you buy products made from renewable or recycled materials? They will not enhance the look of your kitchen, but also make it ECO-Friendly. Hence, it is highly recommended to go for wood or recyclable glass countertops, windshields and windows made from recycled glass, FSC certified or salvaged wood, and much more can help you turn your space stylish and green.

Save Water

This is another important aspect of making green kitchen. Make sure to consider conserving water on the top priority. If you want to, you can purchase an ECO-Friendly kitchen faucet for your new kitchen or you can install aerators on the faucets to reduce the water usage by 30 percent.

Generally, you cook numerous happiness for your loved ones in the kitchen, and your little contribution to make it ‘greener’, will surely make mother Earth happy. Isn’t this simple and great!

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