Top 3 Furniture Makeover Without Paint!

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Furniture forms a necessary part of your home. But, after a time you start feeling bored looking at the same old furniture. Now, you are in a fix! While changing the entire furniture will cost a huge amount, on the other hand, you really wish to change it anyhow. What about a makeover? Read on to know more.

A time comes, when you start looking for a change in your surroundings, both outside and in. The first thing you wish to change is that old style of furniture. Isn’t it! The problem now arises that there is nothing wrong with it in terms of quality. It is just that you don’t want it anymore in the house or better say you don’t want it to look the same. This is not a big problem. A furniture makeover is all your home need now.

This never means that you should go for painting it in an all-new style. You can always do a few things to alter your furniture’s look, and yes, say ‘no’ to the paint. Let’s find out.

Here are some ideas on how to refresh furniture without paint so you can start loving and enjoying it more!Painted-desk-makeover

WHITE- it has a lot to say!

A large ratio of homemakers loves to have the white color in their house. If you are among them, then why not have this color of new beginning and purity for your furniture. No, this doesn’t mean you need white paint for the old furniture. Painting takes a lot of time and causes a mess in your home. There is a simple escape from this. Just follow these steps:

  • Use of contact white paper: You can use the paper for any size of the furniture. It will cover the desired surface and offer you a smooth finishing. If any bubbles exist, you can use a squeegee to remove them same.
  • Iron-on Edgebanding- Iron is necessary for a neat and clean look. Hold the end of the papers and carefully run a medium-hot iron over it. Continue until you get the desired look.
  • Final touch-up: Well, this will depend on the condition of the furniture. At times, a mere scrub is sufficient, but for some pieces, you might need to put more effort.

The faux wood

While, the contact paper can sought your problems up to a great level, including turning furniture white, what about the wooden appearance. You can try out the all-new walnut-effect contact paper for this. The process will remain the same as in the first point, but the result will be entirely different. Faux wood is in the trend nowadays, so don’t miss a chance to refurbish the look of your furniture.

Metal can be attractive too!

Why only the wooden furniture, the metal stuff can also be modified for a new look. This is something you will surely love to do. The simple metal side tables are no more good-looking. But, not to worry! You can create something very unique and different with help of colorful removable wallpaper.

  • Roll the removable wallpaper matching with the theme of your room or patio on the floor. Now, cut it as given in the image.
  • Peel off the paper in the back and press firmly on the surface.
  • All-new beautiful tables are ready for you.

Therefore, next time you wish to have a change, you can opt for the aforementioned ideas. While these are ideal to transform the entire look of your old furniture, on other hand they will not put a hole in your pocket. Give them a try!

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