How to Install Granite Worktops Yourself!

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Every home-maker desire for a beautiful, trendy and functional kitchen. Isn’t it? If you are also one of them, then it is the right time to choose the best worktop material for your space. Well, don’t worry for the budget. A little investment in purchasing the perfect granite countertops and rest you can do it yourself. How? Find out here.

Are you looking to make some lovely and useful additions to your kitchen? Or you just want to remodel your space for better usage; the gift of nature ‘granite’ is a wonderful choice. Have a look on some of beautiful kitchen designs. The reason being, this much loved worktop style is both durable and beautiful. Moreover, you don’t need much maintenance for them. And, if you are concerned for their installation, then you really don’t need to. The presence of pre-shaped granite products has made things simpler. Have a look on some of the beautiful kitchen designs .Besides, the below mentioned methods will help you in carrying out the whole process successfully. Read on:

Step 1: Planning:

For every work, a perfect planning is must. When it is about installing granite worktops, start your plans with buying the finest product. You need to consider the following points:

1. Weight: Granite is a heavy stone. Try to buy it from a dealer who can transport it to your place safely.

2. Color: Nowadays, it is available in a wide range of colors. Check out some online or try something that goes well with your kitchen theme.

3. Size: It is one of the major point. The worktop you choose must fit into your space ideally, else you will be ending with huge problem. Measure the

4. Edge: shape: It can be square, miter, bevel, bull-nose or any other.

granite samples Collection


Step 2: Form a Template:

It is the easiest way get the job done right. You can use a cardboard or a thin plywood for this purpose. Remember, you have to engrave the template in a manner it fits ideally. Therefore, trace it along the entire cabinet structure of your kitchen space. A special focus is required for your sinks, soap dispensers, cooktops, etc. It is advisable to keep a span of 2 feet (approx.) between the cabinets. For those, who want an under-mount sink, must carefully cut a channel along the underside edge. If you are done with creating the template, specify your requirements and fix a date for delivery.

Step 3: Start with Installation:

Don’t start with the permanent fixture instantly. Instead, try dry-fit for the granite worktop to make sure that it fits your space or not. If all goes well, you can lift the countertops for final installation. Now you can lay the slabs directly on the frames. Granite is known for its strength. Hence, you hardly need an additional support. Granite is known for its strength. Hence, you hardly need an additional support.

Installing Granite Worktops

For the wall-facing edge: If it isn’t flush, you need to adjust it properly. Remove it carefully and make a point on all the areas to be removed. Now, with the help of a dry-cut diamond blade shave out it to the desired level. Finally, put the slabs back.

Step 4: Seams and Cabinet amalgamation:

To fit the slabs together, start with taping of the edges. You need a color matching two-part epoxy for the butts. The auto pump will help you to create tension for seaming the edges. In addition, you can count on the seam setter for the top edges. As soon as the epoxy dry, you can remove the setter and carefully shave the excess of epoxy with help of a razor.

After seams of the slabs, turn to cabinets. You can run a bead of caulk along the underside perimeter for this purpose. As you are using granite, avoid silicone caul as it can cause staining.

Step 5: Final Sealer:

Although you are done with your installation, yet it is advisable to finish the process with a granite sealer. This is beneficial in different ways, for example, it protects the stone against staining, it prevents tints and marks, etc. Just make sure once you apply a sealer, you let it dry for 24 hours.

Sealing granite worktops

In all, these detailed directions on how to install granite worktops will allow you to successfully complete the project, without making any damage. Give it a try!

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