Home Improvement Tips for Aging in the Comfort of Your Place

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A stage comes when comfort is preferred over trends. At such a stage everyone wishes to stay in the calm and serene environment of one’s house.

As the age grows there arises a need for some specific modifications in house for safety and comfort.


NY Handyman nyc provides you with such services that can help you to hold yourself back comfortably at your place and to be at ease with yourself. With growing age people become less mobile and even face vision challenges. So, home has to be built in such a way that it is safe enough to stay in while continue doing all chores.

If you are looking for home improvement, handyman in New York is the best one to look out for. With some of the best home remodeling techniques it takes care of all your needs while you grow.

Following are some of the most important places in the house to be improved as you grow old.

Bathroom Improvement for Aging

Since bathroom is the most accident-prone area of the house and particularly when one gets old and loses grip over balancing and walking. So, the bathroom needs to be rebuilt as per the needs of elderly people.

  • Toilets should be raised. Availability of bath chairs and hand showers make it easy for elderly people to use it.
  • Installations of anti-slip tub along with permanent grab-bars which can handle hold the weight of the person.

Kitchen Improvement Techniques

Kitchen is the next place after the bathroom which can cause serious mishappening if it has many obstructions and is poorly built for elderly people. Following are some of the ways we can improve it.

  • Improve accessibility of the kitchen by keeping enough space for wheelchairs to go through. Less hindrance would definitely be safer.
  • Grab bars again are an important part to be installed in the kitchen as well. Proper lightening and bright coloured appliances that are properly visible should be installed.

Laundry Improvement Techniques

This is again the place which cannot be kept away from use. Laundry should be equipped with accessible appliances.

  • Sinks should be easily reachable.
  • Use of enough hanging rods and adjustable shelves.
  • Handles that have easy grip.

Living Room Improvement

  • The first and foremost thing for living room is not to have slippery floors.
  • Second is not to have too much stuff kept such as huge rugs or sofas. Better keep enough space for the movement.

Bedroom Improvement

This is the place where the maximum time is spent and of course the most comfort is offered here. Here are few tips to have a safer bedroom.

  • The beds should be low enough to get onto. Use of proper lightening and even clap lights can be used.
  • Grab bars on the walls of bedroom and near the bed is again must here.
  • Switch boards must be near the bed and safe to access.

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