How to Install Temporary Walls in Apartments


In a high priced city like New York, where the demand for apartments is always high, it often becomes difficult to find a reasonable yet spacious place for yourself. In fact, many youngsters, especially all the single folks, generally prefer sharing apartments with friends to save some good bucks. And, while spending a few days together seems to be fun, a time comes when we all seek some privacy, and this is where temporary walls can be of great help.

Landlords in most parts if New York, do not permit permanent construction in apartments. However, they do allow you to use temporary walls that can be professionally installed in any part of the house. These are specially engineered walls that are put up on a short term basis, and require no affixation to either floors or the ceiling.

The most commonly used material for making these temporary walls is plywood. They come in several shades and designs and can perfectly be matched with the décor of any apartment. But, nowadays, people are also using PVC and drywalls. These materials, just like plywood, create beautiful temporary walls without leaving a trace of its existence on removal.

The list of benefits of using these walls is long, but here we give you some of the basic benefits that surely make these walls an attractive option for creating temporary partitions in your apartment.

Quick and easy to install:-

Unlike constructing a permanent wall, which in most cases is not permissible in rented property, getting pressurized walls is far more convenient. They can be installed within no time, and they use no adhesive, screws or any other material that are likely to damage the ceilings or floor. They’ll come off any space without leaving a trace.

Most landlords permit installing pressurized walls in Manhattan:-

Most landlords in New York do not allow tenants to construct permanent walls in apartments, no matter for how long they stay. But, most of them do allow people to install temporary walls. It is quiet understood that when anyone has to stay with strangers, they’d like some privacy, partition walls become essential. Many versions of these walls are soundproof as well, so you can play loud music, talk to your girlfriend all the time, your roommate will have no problem.

Money savers

Temporary walls are also money savers. Even when our landlord allows you to construct new walls in the apartment, you may not have hundreds of dollars required for construction. The better option is temporary walls; they require no repairs and can be cleaned more easily then concrete walls. These walls are portable, so, when you shift apartments, they can once again be used for creating new partitions.

Create your own private space

No matter if you plan to share an apartment with your close friend or with absolute strangers, there is always a time, when you need you own space. Circumstances will not always be in your favor. Maybe your roommate has a habit of listening to loud music, or keeps talking on the phone all the time, this is when you realize how handy a temporary wall can be.

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