How to maximize natural light in your home?

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How to maximize natural light in your home

Certainly, you must be having the task to maximize natural light in your space. This trend is catching attention due to several advantages of natural light. It helps you go green and cut down on the carbon footprint. You will be able to turn off the lights indoors during day time and save more on electricity. So, it is a win-win. Not only helps preserve the natural resources but also save on money on your electric bill, which will be an added bonus.

While adding in natural light into your home’s interior is something in trends these days, another good reason is for the health benefits it provides. Lack of natural light into your space can throw off your “body clock”. It can easily disrupt waking and sleeping patterns, which further causes drowsiness, poor work performance, and much more. On the contrary, a good supply of natural light will help keep you mentally and physically fit.

Regardless, there are many homes which were not built with natural light in mind. But it is never too late. You can start it today with some small changes. There is a number of remodeling projects you can try without investing a hefty amount. And these will significantly increase the natural light into your interior.

Experiment with Your Windows:

Do you have larger windows but still fall short of natural light? Then it is time for window treatments. As the darker colored fabrics absorb light, these will reduce the amount of natural light into your room. So, next, you can step to thick window treatments, using curtains and similar stuff to absorb precious natural light. Firstly, keep a distance from heavy or dark curtains. Switch to light colors and lightweight fabrics.

You need to look for a sheer fabric and you can tie it back in opposite directions. This will get a layered and unique look to your room. And in case, you worry about privacy, you can give a try to sheer, light fabrics.

Make Use Of Mirror Effect:

This can be the best and most cost-effective solution. Having more shiny surfaces in your rooms will bring in more light which will be reflected back into the room. So, for this, you can place more objects like mirrors, chandeliers, silver photo frames, brass candlesticks, brass lighting, and acrylic clear furniture. Such a decorating strategy will help bounce light around your room.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use a large entry mirror to reflect and magnify available light. Keep a large mirror to the end of a short hallway. This will create an illusion for a longer space. Add in ‘mirror effect’ with help of as many glassy, shiny, or metallic things.
  • You can place the same size mirrors directly opposite one another. It will set reflections to create a sense of endless depth. This makes your room appear bigger and lighter.
  • Try large wall mirrors. These are perfect for decorating and you can choose among many styles like a beveled mirror, antique mirror, sunburst or Venetian mirrors.

Keep It Transparent:

The reason is quite simple. Having a greater number of glasses in your rooms will let flow more natural light. The glass you use will depend on your budget, the style of your home, and security preferences. For instance, you can go for the frosted film over the existing windows and doors. As this one is translucent, it will allow filtered light in. It works great for internal rooms and outdoor windows. You can pick some glass tabletops or acrylic chairs. This will boost the light traveling through your rooms. If you are willing to invest more, you can consider skylights too.

Play With The Colors:

It can be another effective solution. You can plan to paint those dark rooms and make them shine with neutral colors. The newest trends include gray and off-white walls. Remember, lighter the paint colors, brighter your room will appear. Here it is worth understanding that there are many light colors which absorb light. So, choose a color which reflects nor absorbs light. If you wish to experiment with something classier, there are rich neutrals to add warmth. The list includes mushroom gray, espresso brown, camel tan, and warm rust.

With these, you’re ready to let the sunshine in. Follow these tips and these will help you maximize natural light as desired. Remember, that for many of these you will need an expert by your side. In such a case, you can consider help from a handyman service provide in NYC to help you. It won’t be safe and easy to try everything by yourself.

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