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How trees can be a problem for your home?

Over the years, when your planted tree grows well, the root of some trees and shrubs can infiltrate your home’s plumbing system. Actually, the tree roots can travel long distances to find water. This becomes more prominent when drought conditions persist. It clearly means, when trees and shrubs get thirsty, they start following the trail of moisture. Hence, they find their ways to the vapors coming from small cracks, holes or poorly sealed joints through your water and sewer lines. It is here when the roots penetrate these openings to reach the nutrients and moisture. Hence, your landscaping can pose a severe danger to your pipes.

You need to understand that the root systems are extremely powerful. You might have seen those cement sidewalks which buckle from their pressure. There are chances that these can even cause cracks in the foundation. So willows can be notorious for their promiscuous roots which tend to roam far looking for moisture.

What if the plants you seeded today for the better the home landscape find their openings in the seams of old pipes? What if they expand into the hollow structures and sustenance from silt? The only solution to this problem is to pick the plants which are space-saving or better say doesn’t cause any plumbing problems. Let us help you.


Aspen Tree










Known for their butter yellow foliage in autumn, these trees tend to develop into thickets. You might have seen them creating a nice grove-like effect. In fact, a solitary aspen tree could turn into a 100-yard-wide grove. So this one is great for yje empty lots, but for your yards, it can do more harm than good. Don’t plant them near your underground pipes found in residential landscapes.


Empress tree










You will fall in love with the tropical look of the colorful purple summer flower and the big leaves of the empress tree. It is popular in different regions but is also a very rapid grower. To your surprise, this one comes with 5 feet or more of annual growth. And it is a weedy pest too. So with a very active root system, it can easily interfere with your underground utilities and pipes. Look for some other options, please!


Elm Tree










These are tough enough for the plains. And what makes them no so good for your home is that they prefer to have their share of moisture. Though you will find elms in both, city and country, their powerful thirst can be a potential pitfall for the leaky underground drain pipes.


Poplar tree












When it comes to water and drain pipes, cottonwoods and Lombardy poplars are the biggest offenders. They are said to be a risky bet and have to be avoided. While cottonwoods are the best fit for the rambling countryside and stream banks, poplars have roots going everywhere.

Silver Maple:

Silver Maple tree













Here comes another water hog with the pesky roots. These trees are valuable for stabilizing soil along a stream or river, but the extensive roots can make them an absolute pain in the home landscape. And those roots can also push up sidewalks. So, it is a complete no-no.

Also look at some of the essential tips to prevent plumbing problems caused by tree roots:

  • Generally, the trees with water-hungry roots need to be planted 20-30 feet from water and sewer lines.
  • You must know about all of your sewer systems and pipes in the yard. If required, you can consult Handyman NYC to help find the location of underground utilities before doing any landscaping.
  • It is important to measure the plant’s distance from your home. This will help you know whether there is enough space for the root system or not.
  • Make sure your plants and shrubs get enough water and nutrients in the soil to avoid their roots from infiltrating sewer and water lines.
  • As your pipes are a source of water, nutrients, and oxygen, it is vital to maintaining your sewer system. These should not be broken to let roots make their way into plumbing.

Lastly, you don’t have to keep your yard free from foliage. It is all about planning the right landscaping. In order to avoid plumbing damages due to the plantation, just keep away from these trees. If you still have some problem with your pipes, get in touch with a reputed handyman NYC. They are proficient in handling such situations and can save small issues turning into bigger.

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