Learn How To Replace or Repair Your Broken Tiles

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You might have installed tiles in your bathrooms or kitchens. They look amazing and offer your home a classy appearance. However, similar to many things around your house, these have to be changed or treated at some point. Yes, they might develop cracks or break for different reasons like:

  • Is something heavy is dropped
  • Installation was done on improperly spaced joists
  • There were cracks in the concrete substrate
  • You invested in inferior quality
  • It was installed over a control joint

Whatever the reason, the fact is that now you are dealing with a broken tile. Definitely, you don’t want to live with a damaged tile floor. Not only because it makes your floors or walls has unattractive but also will reduce the overall value of your home. Don’t fret too much. Learn here how you can first try repairing, and if you find it that the tile has to replaced, how to get it done, in detail.

How to repair a piece of cracked tile?

As far as repairing is concerned, it will depend on how severe the damage is. If it is a hairline crack, you may be able to fill your tile cracks. Remember, the goal is to seal and strengthen the split area. You have to avoid moisture problems to keep those cracks from getting worse.

Apply Epoxy: Initially, you can choose some strong-holding epoxy. It will act as your cracked tile filler. You can buy it from any local store.  Just you mix the two components together and apply this to the cracked surface using a small brush or clean rag. Nicely spread it over and into the crack. Later wipe up the excess of the same with a clean, dry rag before it dries. Once it turns dry, you can conceal the crack in the tile.

Paint to cover: This is truly optional and has to be done if you want to make an attempt at concealing right there. Just paint the area with a matching color and use your artistic side.

Tip: Go light and use a small brush. Do it layer by layer to paint on top of the tile crack.

Next, if you feel that the crack is too big to repair, it is a good idea to replace the same.

How to replace a cracked tile?

Try to find a matching tile, but in case you don’t get the same match, replace the broken one with something similar after evaluating how the rest of the floor tiles look.

Eliminate the grout: Use a hammer and metal chisel to remove the grout around the damaged tile. You have to be very careful doing so, else you would end up damaging the adjacent tiles.

Break off the cracked tile: With the help of a larger chisel start working from the center to the edges to break out the damaged tile. Also, you need to remove the old adhesive. Just scrape off the adhesive from the under-layment with a solid metal blade.

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Thin-set application: You can use thin-set mortar to the sub-floor surface. Work with the notched side of a mortar trowel and make the required grooves. Don’t forget to leave an empty gap near the edges.

Cut and Place: Next you need is a wet tile saw If it is not there, you can borrow it from a handy neighbor. Or the best thing is you can ask a handyman in NYC to do it. Let the expert handle the task. It has to be done precisely and only professionals can do that. After cutting, set it in and press firmly. Tap it from all sides to ensure that it goes all the way down.

New grout: Firstly prepare the side gaps for grout. Begin scraping any mortar out and wipe any excess off the new tiles. Nicely mix and apply your new grout. Fill the joints and apply a grout sealer, in the end, using a small paintbrush.

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It’s done!

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