How to Make a Rope Lamp

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A rope lamp is a wonderful piece to enhance the interior of your bedroom or study room. The beauty of these lamps is that they unleash rustic vibes. However, an average rope lamp can cost you around $600. Admit it. It would be out of budget for most of us.

Good thing is that you can make the lamp at home—that’s too with limited supply like rope and bulb. The preparation time will be around 45 minutes-1 Hour.

Here I have come up with some simple DIY steps to make a rope lamp.


Lamp Bases:

See if you have an old lamp basis. Or you can purchase them from a retail store.

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


There are a lot of options to choose from. However, for more vibrant appeal, you can go for sisal rope that looks unique for its rustic, distressed and unpolished look.

(Note: Before you start, make sure to coil the rope around the base to make sure it’s length cover the whole body of the lamp.)


Start wrapping from the bottom of the lamp. Apply glue along the bottom of the lamp. Press the rope into it for a few seconds. Let it set to the lamp. Continue wrapping the rope around the base and holding it in place (for 10-20 seconds) to let the glue set. There should be no gaps appear as you wind up the rope around the lamp.

Continue the process until you reach the top of the lamp. It is a bit time-consuming. Make sure the rope appropriately stick to the lamp’s body. Apply a bit more glue as you move to the top of the lamp and then tuck it in a bit. In simple words, it takes winding, gluing and pressing.


Trim the rope from the end and glue it beneath the previous coil.


Choose natural-colored linen or parchment shade for the lamp.

Your rope lamp is ready! Keep it by your bedside. Or you can place it over your study desk. One thing is for sure that this amazing craft will get you kudos from the onlookers. A great way to explore your creativity!

So these are some DIY steps to make a rope lamp at home. What do you think? Have you ever made a DIY rope lamp? Or some steps are confusing for you? Please let us know by commenting below. All the best!

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