Making The Right Choice for Windows at Your Home


Windows are like doorways to the outer world. They allow the sunlight to spread warmth in your house and make it blossom. They also shield you from dust, pollutants and even noise.

Window replacementsMoreover, they help to keep a peaceful environment, cut off energy bills and make you rest in the serenity of your home .But if the window frames or the window get rotten with time and don’t add to the aesthetics of your home, then they need to be replaced.

Installing new window frames can give your house an altogether new look. But the first thing to decide on is whether to replace the old one or install a new one.

Confused Between Repair and Replacement?

You can check whether your window has any signs of rot by inserting a screwdriver into it. And you can check if they are under a condition of replacement.

If the original frames are working properly, then you can simply install a replacement into the original one. But if the frame is rotted then you have no option then to put up a new one. Definitely installation cost for a new window will be 50 percent more than the cost of replacing the same.

Repairing old frames is a good idea possibly when your frames are sound enough to work properly for another 5 -6 years.

Choosing Window By Its Etiquette

Low Emittance Glass Windows

  • They help in cutting excessive heating effects from the sun.
  • They can cost you around $100-$500.

Casement Windows

  • They provide a clear view and allow room for light to fill in space.
  • Easier to operate
  • It can cost you about $85-$1,000

Casement windows

Gliding window

  • Best for walkways and patios.
  • They can  be used for emergency evacuation
  • Their cost lies around $80-$930.

Gliding window

Skylight window

  • Generally used in the ceiling.
  • Since they come with coated glass so helps to minimize impact of UV rays.
  • It can cost about $150-$1,500

Double hung

  • This facilitates natural convection allowing cool air to enter.

Its cost lies between $100 to $2,300

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