Problems You Can Encounter With Your Air Conditioner


Air conditioners are a fantastic invention by man to increase the level of comfort for himself but they too require some care and maintenance lacking which they would turn out to be problematic.

Following are some of the problems that can occur in air conditioners if you don’t pay any attention to them.

Your Air ConditionerRefrigeration Problems

This can occur if the air conditioner is undercharged at the time of installation or in case of leakage. Output of the air conditioner can be determined when the refrigerant charge equals the technical specification then only the air conditioner work in full swing.

Refrigeration leaks not only hamper the air conditioners performance but they are harmful for the environment also.

Refrigeration problems

Carelessness Towards The Maintenance

If you don’t clean your air conditioners at timely intervals, this may result into jamming of filters and the compressors stop working at a very early stage.

It’s better to get it cleaned with the help of a professional to prolong the life of your air conditioner.

Frequent Use of Electric Switch

When the air conditioner is turned off and on often then it can affect both the compressor and the fan leading to their failure. So, while you get your air conditioner serviced you should get these controls checked to avoid them from corroding.

Frequent use of electric switch

Temperature Sensor

Air conditioners have a thermostat which helps to sense the change in the temperature of the room. In case of problems with this, air conditioner will not provide the cooling effect it is meant to. Make sure the sensor lies near the coil but is not in direct contact with it.

Clogging of The Drainage System

When it’s highly humid, air conditioners generally emit a lot of water. Make sure the drainage tube is working well; else it would damage the air conditioner.

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