Spring Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Try This Year


The flowers are blooming, and the temperature is becoming pleasant. The deciduous trees are all set to provide vibrant and beautiful blooms of pink, red, and orange. The days are getting longer and warmer. Well, the spring has come.


The arrival of spring also means that time has come to make your garden an enjoyable place to relax both day and night. And it requires you to do something to light it up, as you should be able to see what you’re doing. To light your garden up, take a break from those traditional spotlights or standard bright bulbs. Why not accentuate your lovely garden with some stylish lighting instead?

Here we have rounded up some unique and attractive outdoor spring lighting ideas to enhance your garden or backyard this spring.

String Lighting:

String lights are a simple and fairly inexpensive idea to spruce up your garden. All you need to string them up, plug them in, and bingo…a divine light enhancing the beauty of your landscape.

A single strand is equipped with 50 feet of sturdy cable to cover large areas and 60 incandescent bulbs, spaced 12 inches apart, to light up your space with a soft and warm golden glow.

Recessed Lights:

If you are looking for the overhead lighting that doesn’t let make their presence felt when turned off, recessed lights are for you. They can be installed at all property types, whether you have a single-family house or a condo. They not only increase safety after dark, but they also help you see. These lights create a warm welcome when you enter the front door. Outdoor recessed lights also add drama to enchanting landscape or architectural features in your garden. The lighting also adds to the curb appeal, making it attractive to the home seller.

Stair Lighting:

Staircase lighting not only adds to the appeal but also makes your garden safer to eliminate potential falls. It can easily be used on stairs leading up to a patio, deck, or entryway. Because they are likely to light portions of the path leading some entryway, whether it’s the front door or a sliding glass door, they also ensure a level of security. Lighting up your home near an entryway can keep unwanted guests away.

There is a wide range of stair lighting available, letting you choose the one that can complement the style of your home and garden.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting is another excellent way to illuminate your outdoor living areas. Whether you are hosting an outdoor dinner party for family or friends, enjoying the summertime, or coming home from a long day, accent lighting beautifies your spring evenings out in the backyard with near and dear ones. Outdoor that looks merely pretty by day seemed to come to life in the evening, brimming with drama and mystery. Such is the power of outdoor accent lighting.

Hardscape Lighting:

Hardscape lighting is used to highlight patios, walkways, walls, rock, fireplaces, rock work, cabanas, and gazebos across your garden. It can support your lighting design or landscaping by acting as an additional light to your outdoor living space that you may not have the ability otherwise. Installing hardscape lighting into your outdoor lets you make optimum use of your property any time and can make the lighting scene look more natural.

There are many techniques to install hardscape lighting in your garden.

Some of them are…

  • Down Lighting or Moonlighting:

In this technique, the area is illuminated from above. This way, it casts a dramatic shadow onto your patio or driveway, adding the natural effect of the design. Path lights can be positioned strategically to these areas to lighten them without putting off a glare within view.

  • Deck and Dock Lights:

They are ideal for wooden surfaces such as docks and decks. The deck and dock light make the setting look classy as it is equipped with a full lip with beveled edges to support the glare as well as smooth rounded corners.

  • Garden and Retaining Wall Lights:

These lights ensure elegance and safety by highlighting your garden and wall. They can also support the pressure and weight of the wall. They can go well with any sentimental wall system. Moreover, it possesses a textured lens which supports the integration with rock-like surface textures on the walls. It lets the creation of a warm glow to light up the pathways or driveways that have walls in the surroundings and adds to the appeal and safety of your home.

So these are some great outdoor lighting ideas to spruce up your garden and backyard this spring. They will highlight the architectural beauty of your home and assure safety. Make sure to get them installed by the right and experienced electrician in New York, especially if you have no outlet in the garden.

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