8 Modern Traditional Decor Ideas for Your NYC Apartment








Are you wondering which style will accentuate your living spaces?

Need something which keeps your space sleek and sober?

What about the blend of traditional and modern decor ideas?

The fusion of these two decor styles will create some interesting, amusing, and fun patterns. No wonder why this mix has been ruling the interior design scene for years.

And mixing styles is easier than you think.

When traditional architectural components, like classy panelling, warm woods, and intrigued details, are combined with loud colour palettes, modern furnishings, and textured accents, the results are superb.

Here I have rounded up some simple tips to mix traditional and modern style to create a space that looks unified, amazing, and cohesive.

Choose a Unifying Pattern:

Do you know having a shape or motif used throughout the space can serve to be a brilliant idea? Yes, it can bring a room together and help your decor to appear scattered. So, you can pick up on the lines of a sofa or favourite chair, and on the other hand, repeat that curve or line throughout the apartment.

Choose Woods that Match:

You can quickly bring in two different periods of furniture and make a space that renders a classier look. It will go well together when they have stained the same shade. Or you can consider those made from the same wood. Yes, having the same wood tones will be helpful.

Choose a Few Stock Furnishings:

As you are running behind a mixture, why don’t you blend several unique pieces such as ambiguity of big box store, or stock, furniture, and decor? This can be quickly done, and you can consider solid colors or finishes to offer a clean, everyday look.

Choose the Oddball to be the Focal Point:

Having an assorted decor collection? Or you have a piece of furniture which appears different from the rest of your stuff?

No, don’t try to hide it. Instead, you can use it to draw attention to your space by using it as the focal point for the rest of the room around it. It will be a great way to turn something which wouldn’t generally fit into your home.

Choose a Limited Colour Palette:

Avoid too many colours for your space. This will help detraction, making each piece in your room feel like it stands alone. When it comes to colour, it is advised that one should repeat the same colours throughout the space. Doing so, you will be able to bring items, and of course, the room together.

Choose Your Own Rule:

Remember that decorating and design rules will differ from person to person. These can never be written in stone. The reason being, what usually works for most spaces won’t be suitable for you. So, don’t stick to any particular rule. Experiment with some creative ideas and create your dream space.

Add Contemporary Art:

If you are just a beginner in mixing styles, one of the most straightforward styles to start is by bringing in contemporary art in a standard room. It will add interest and make your space look even appealing. The fusion of these styles will lead to an outstanding statement.

Make Walls Your Canvas:

Go beyond those arts to accentuate your walls. Keep in mind that the walls are a neutral background for your rooms. Clean, pale, and neutral shades highlight the space in a room. Bright white freshens up architectural features and molding. Neutral walls make the perfect backdrop for artworks and statues or busts.

Statement walls are painted a unique colour or shade than the rest of the space, bringing a fun edge.

Mix these styles effortlessly to make your apartment looks cohesive and unified.

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