Top 9 Reasons Why You Need To Call a Locksmith

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One can’t imagine the stress caused by not having the right key at the needed moment. It can be very inconvenient and throw your time plans for a toss as well. While there is no guarantee this situation will not arise again, we can help you by finding you a trustworthy 24-hour available locksmith. Such a person can easily help you with keys and any lock trouble you may face at any time. Their services range across a lot of needs. If you still think you may not need one to have a look at the scenarios when you might have the need for a locksmith in Harlem.


  • Lost or stolen keys– Kept your key somewhere and can’t find it for the life of you or were your bag with the key in it stolen? A locksmith will help you make new keys for your lock for you to enter at the moment. It is also important in such instances to change your lock so that the misplaced or stolen key is not used against you in any manner. The locksmith can do both things in one visit to you if you wish. This will save you a lot of hassle and worry.
  • Moving into a new home – Shifting into a new house is mostly a very exciting affair for all members of the family. While everything seems new in the new setting or new items are truly bought, we must not forget a new lock is also on the agenda. From lockers to rooms to the main door, you would likely want to have new locks and keys for them all. A locksmith comes in handy in such a time for doing all the work for you in this department. This person can then also be your trouble helper if needed going forward.
  • Broken keys – This is a moment of emergency for most persons. This is a situation mostly when you have entered a key in a lock, and due to one reason or another, the key is stuck and ends up broken in the lock itself. This makes not only the key but also the lock unusable. An emergency locksmith can be very helpful to you in such a precarious situation. You will likely need a new lock or even set of locks if and when such a situation arises.
  • Moving into an apartment – An experience similar to that of moving into your own individual house but also very different at the same time is that of moving into an apartment. The reason the experience differs in the present point of view is that with housing society guidelines and processes, it may not be pragmatic to change the whole lock system. Your need of a locksmith, in this case, would arise from having new locks and keys for all lockers and getting a new set of keys for the apartment door or getting the original keys duplicated for other members of the family or friends.
  • Damaged locks – You may be wondering when does a lock get damaged unless intentionally to break it. Let’s look at that itself first before going on to other scenarios here. A lock damaged by a theft attempt or violence may cause trouble of locking the person/ item in/ out or of leaving you without a lock. On the other hand, rusting and spillages (warm oil) can also cause a lock to be damaged. In all these scenarios knowing a locksmith who can come to your help at the earliest is something you need to have working for you.
  • Installing single key access – These days, if you are not worried about security to the point of paranoia, a lot of people are looking to get single key access for their entire home or business locks within a building/ level/ home. Such locks and the key system allows one key to work for multiple locks in the place and saves you the hassle of taking care of multiple keys or remembering which is which. A good locksmith that you trust can install such a system in your home or office and make the single key access for you as per your need.
  • Accidentally getting locked out – The stress and worry that comes with being locked out of your home or office is unparalleled in certain ways. You may have important things inside that you need on a priority basis or you may just wish to get in-home after a long day at work. In such a scenario finding an emergency locksmith comes mighty handy. Finding a trusted locksmith and getting them to come to help you in this situation will be something that will take a lot of load off your mind in this not so uncommon situation. If the locksmith is someone you know well, they will be able to help you all the more easily in this case.
  • Upgrading home security – Amongst the many reasons to change your locks or get new keys made, this is probably the only one that may be done in fear or determination. The former comes into the picture if the security of your home has been compromised recently. The latter can come into the picture on a self-assessed need by you for an upgrade. Either way, a trustworthy locksmith can be the person to do the whole thing for you as per your requirements keeping in mind all details you’ve thought of for the upgrade.
  • Forgotten combinations – This one is similar to losing your key but unlike the traditional locks, here getting a key made by just any locksmith is not the possible solution. A combination-based lock depending on its type may either be detachable and breakable or not at all so without damage to the door/ item it is attached to. This means that if your system is one that has a combination lock, you need a locksmith who can deduce or crack that for you if you wish for no harm to come to your property.


Given that we’ve seen how much a locksmith can be needed in your life, we hope you will find one that is trustworthy, reliable and one that has a reputation for good work. Make sure this person is available to you when needed. For an emergency locksmith, you can find it here.


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