Why Home Maintenance is Important

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Why Home Maintenance is Important

Being a homeowner, other than just making sure the paint is looking superb on the walls, home maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked. We are likely to take care of our expensive things. We get our car maintained and go to a car wash. Even we polish our boots and keep our clothes clean. So why we tend to forget life’s most significant investment, home?

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A home is vulnerable to several issues, such as leaky pipes, faulty wiring, peeled up faint, cracks in the walls, broken faucets, and leaky roofs. Such problems not only lead to significant and expensive issues over time but also hurt the resale value of your sweet home.

That’s why preventive maintenance is essential for you. And here are the top benefits of doing this.

Increasing the Value of Your Home:

Like any big purchase, your property is an investment, and you are after a good return for your money and efforts as well. A home in great shape always attracts the best price from the buyers.

Most buyers prefer a home requiring little to no maintenance for a few years, so more you put your efforts in the maintenance of your home, the better return you will get.It also means that poor or improper care will deteriorate the quality of your home, eventually decreasing the resale price. As cracks occur in the foundation and paint peels, you have to fork out a large sum of money in just repairs. With regular maintenance, you can pay attention to small issues that can turn worse over time.

Improving Your Quality of Life:

Residing in a house with a quite air filter or furnace that doesn’t throw out dust frequently is what every homeowner wants. Taking care of your home makes life more comfortable as you won’t have to cope with the noises of a creaky door, squeaky garage door, and leaky roof.

Reducing Repair Costs:

Another critical reason to do home maintenance is to minimise the risk of expensive repair or break down. A golden rule says that $1 invested in home maintenance saves you around $100 in future maintenance.

It’s not uncommon that repair bills can eat up thousands of dollars. In particular, if you get the work done from a pro, the costs can be even expensive. Some essential things that require maintenance are plumbing fixtures, AC, appliances, gutters, and smoke detectors. Other things that need regular maintenance are windows, doors, roofs, and the HVAC system.

A roof is easier and less costly to maintain.

But any delay can add to the cost, even worse, require you replace the entire roof.

Keeping Away Pests from Your Home:

A poorly maintained house is a thriving ground for bugs and pests. Bugs can relocate to the cracks in your wall.

Ants and wasps would like your attic and termites to find their food in your wooden trusses. Mosquitoes will thank you for providing them a choked drain or washbasin.

Pet feces in your lawn will attract rodents. There may be different types of insects depending on the climate and soil conditions of your locality.

To make your house pest-proof, run a maintenance spree that covers your gutters, downspouts, lawn trimming, and wood in your property.

Protecting Your House from Secondary Damage:

Secondary damage occurs as a result of previous damages that have taken place in the house before. For example, when flowing water pops out of a pipe and damages the hardwood floors below. If the water reaches to the electrical outlets and interacts with the wiring in the houses, you can easily imagine what would happen. Obviously, this would be more expensive rather than paying a handyman to fix on time.

These are some key reasons why you should get serious about home maintenance. Keep in mind that every dollar spent on preventive maintenance will save you a lot more worth of damages. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below!

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