Winterizing Your Home Is Not That Difficult Now!


Temperature has started trolling down, chilly winds had started knocking the doors and thus, it is pretty clear that you have entered the colder months of the year. With the arrival of the winter weather, you start making so many preparations for your skin, hair, body, etc. But, what about your home!

winter-670314_640Yes, you often forget to care for it. But, it is never too late. You can start with the process today to have a hassle-free and warm season. How to begin? What to do? For all your answers, have a look at the below listed points.

Upgrade Your Windows And Doors: For winters the first thing you need to do is turn your windows and doors into the energy-efficient ones. These are highly beneficial. Not only they trap in warm air for fall season, but also keep your home cool in the summer. Along this, it is advisable to change your furnace filter regularly. It will help you cut down on the heating bills.

HVAC Unit Maintenance: When the winters start, ask a certified technician to evaluate the state of your HVAC unit. You need to ensure that the entire unit is safe and in good condition. Also make sure that the unit is giving the manufacturer-rated efficiency. Doing so, you can count on the HVAC system to work in order even in the coldest day of the year.

Sealing Your Home: Do you know more than 10% of home air leakage happens around windows? Yes, now you understand why weather stripping makes your windows more energy efficient. And it is really easy to do yourself. Your interiors receive most of the exposure and hence, you need to seal the gaps. For the exterior jobs, silicone is the best element.

Clean The Rain Gutters And Roof: Don’t miss to check for the gutters and roof, while you are preparing your home for winters. You need to pay special attention to these areas and must clean them routinely.  The fall season leads to accumulation of dirt, debris, leaves and much more. And in case you are living in area with high snow accumulation, this process becomes more important to prevent the potential costly damage.

So, this season don’t ignore your home and make sure you winterize it to fight back the winter!

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