How to Do Drywall Repair?

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Drywall- it is the most common part of any construction. Specifically used for the interior walls, it’s a relatively soft material and highly prone to getting damaged. Often it happens that you’re sitting down stairs reading a book, and all of sudden you hear a loud bag. You run upstairs and you see your kid’s leg or arm sticking from the wall. Well, your kid comes out safely; it is now time to fix that hole left in your wall.

Interior Design and Repair Services in NYCThe good thing about drywall is that it is quite easy for a homeowner to repair interior walls. Yes, you can do it yourself. Read on how to proceed.

For Small Hole: Start cleaning hole with a blade knife and cut at an angle is a way that the exterior of is bigger than the interior. You need to fill the hole with the painter’s putty and level it to the wall’s surface. Allow it to dry and lightly sand the area to make it smooth. If required, you can spackle over the putty repeatedly.

For the Medium Sized Hole: You can count on a drywall metal patch while working with a medium sized hole. Start with the sand process and smooth around the hole. Just wipe off the dust and peel the paper backing off the patch. Now firmly press the patch in place that too with a mesh facing outward. Later you can spread the drywall compound over the patch and feather out the edges. Remember to smooth it out and allow it to dry.

For the Larger Hole: To fill these holes, you need patches made of drywall. And here it needs to be noticed that the thickness of the drywall needs to be same. For this,

  • Cut a square of drywall. Make sure it is slightly larger than the hole.
  • With help of a pencil, draw an outline of the patch around the hole.
  • Also, here you need to check for electrical cords and plumbing lines.
  • With a drywall saw, cut out the drawn area.
  • You need to screw the two wooden boards behind the drywall to keep the patch from falling i.e. one at the top and other at bottom of the hole. This will through.
  • Now screw the patch to the wooden boards and spread drywall compound.
  • At the end sand area and paint over once it’s dry.

So, now you can fill dents, patch those small and large holes easily. Isn’t it easy!

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