7 Awesome Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard in Budget!


Do you know trees can increase your property’s value by 20 percent?

And in case you don’t have trees in your backyard, there are still many ways by which you add up more to your home. Why only for sale purpose, even in general you always want your yard to be the place everyone likes to hang out, isn’t it?

Designer Backyards

You can use a well-decked backyard for the number of reasons. From spending a relaxing weekend to hosting an exciting backyard party, there is a lot in between. But to achieve this you first need to have some right elements in the area.

Confused what to bring in and what to exclude?

Not to worry!

Below are highlighted 7 economical ways to help you transform your backyard into a beautiful space. Have a sneak peek.

Plant in Masses













Want to know the secret to striking flower beds? Just restrict your color palette! With this, plant large clumps to create waves of color. Don’t follow that ‘one of this here and one of that there’ approach. When you use swaths of a single type of plant, it leaves you with a greater impact as the flower bed looks more orderly.

In case, you want to keep costs down, don’t buy any large specimens from your local nursery. Instead, you can prefer buying smaller plants in bigger quantities. Use them to fill in the entire space.

Backyard Kitchen/Bar

Backyard Baar













This is really must have to really liven up any party. Hence, to enhance your yard’s look, think about having your very own backyard kitchen and bar seems to be great. With an outdoor kitchen, you have a proper space to cook, eat and entertain, altogether, in the comfort of your own home. As the summers are getting closer, this will be the best time to use your backyard BBQ. Similarly, if your budget allows, you can incorporate an innovative bar too.

Enticing Entries

Enticing Entries










It is simple yet more efficient way to boost your backyard’s appeal. You can have some clustering plants along a building’s foundation walls to make the entrance special. A humble potting shed can also be planned to have the inviting look of an English country cottage. Place some unmatched containers, overflowing with velvety petunias, and a small coleus up top, to serve with an informal feeling.

Add Some Lights

Backyard ligtings











The colorful plants shine up gracefully in daylight. But what when it goes dark?  To brighten the night, you can creatively add some lights to your yard. Being a perfect addition to your space, these let you host some nighttime events. And as far as lighting is concerned, the options are endless. Just pick as per your budget and go bright!

Additional tip: Go creative and wrap some lights around your trees. It will completely transform your yard.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones













Map out a creative outdoor path to change the whole look of a backyard. You can create it with help of some DIY stepping stones. All you will need is the use of concrete and a good bit of your time. And the results are really amazing!

Hanging bed

Hanging bed













Just imagine after a tiring and long week, you get to relax on a suspended pallet bed on those lazy summer weekends. Sounds amazing? The best thing is it doesn’t cost much. You can use just a pallet and rope to make it. Adorn it with cushions for the classy look.

Butterfly and Bird Feeders

Butterfly and Bird Feeders










Why not have some special guests invited? Including homemade feeders can be a beautiful way to spruce your landscaping. These attract gorgeous and colorful butterflies to the garden. Not only it offers a pleasant sight but also helps to pollinate and spreading your bright blooms.

In case, you are a bird lover, you can hang out a bird bath and provide those innocent creatures a spot to take a summer dip, meanwhile adding charm to your garden.

So, now say goodbye to your boring backyard and get started with the afore-stated ideas.

How are you going to brightening up your outdoor space?

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