8 Easy Ghoulish Diy Decor Objects for Halloween

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It’s getting close to the night of fear when you whole-heartedly welcome ghosts and goblins into your home. Many people spend days to make their homes look scary to enjoy Halloween to the fullest. You can easily buy stuff from stores near you to turn your home into a haunted house for the October 31.


If you’re not willing to spend too much on decorations and still want your house to outshine your neighbor’s decorations this Halloween, then you can create DIY décor objects for your dwelling.

Here are few spooky handmade décor selections to give your decor a Halloween look, without spending a lot of money.

Hanging ghosts:

PB Hanging Ghosts

Ghosts are a must when it comes to Halloween decorating and these are really easy to make. You can create these hanging figures using few Styrofoam balls, cheesecloth and a black marker. Take Styrofoam balls and make huge eye-patches on it with a marker. Now, cover these with irregular cheesecloth, attach a thread at the top to hang these forms. You can hang these eerie looking spirits outside your house to welcome your guests this Halloween.

Mold chicken wires into ghostly figures:


For this you need to collect few chicken wires or any other fencing wires. You can mold these wires into several ghostly figures, unlike the traditional ghost figures of old white sheet. Spray some glowing paint on these figures to illuminate in the dark. You can place these scary frames around your yard for scaring people at night.

Crafty pumpkins:

Crafty pumpkins

Traditional pumpkin decorations always look the best on this dreadful occasion. You can take any sized pumpkins and craft different crazy patterns on them to decorate interior and exterior of your home. Beyond that, you can decorate your Halloween pumpkins with glitters, ribbon, buttons, markers or whatever you have on hand.

Halloween wreath:


Collect some dried hay from your yard to form a wreath to mount on front door of your house. You can decorate this wreath with white net to form spider web effect and add few creepy crawlies on it to intensify its visual appeal. If you want some glowing touch, then add an array of LEDs with some pumpkin craft on them to enhance its look for the night.

Origami cats and bats:


Create black origami bat and cat figures using black craft paper. Form layout of these figures and cut them accordingly. You can stick these figures inside or outside your house to exaggerate horrifying touch to your haunted house.

Scary luminaries:

forgotten works garden gallery halloween luminaries BEST

With a few unused glass jars and some black craft paper, you can create beautiful luminaries that look like jack-o-lanterns. Cut out the facial features, fix them with hot glue onto your mason jars and place candle inside these jars. These will formulate a beautiful intimidating ambience of light within your home this Halloween.

Spooky door greeter:


Allow a frightening figure to greet your visitors on the scariest night of the year. Take huge cheesecloth and it into a ghost-like figure. Let it stand outside your main door to give jitters to your guests. To enhance the bone-chilling impact, add some glowing sticks to its back.

Yard tombstones:


You can create a little graveyard on your lawn to scare your guest as soon as they step inside. Using Styrofoam draw and cut out the tombstone shapes paint them an eerie grey and then add few messages on them.

So, these were few fun ideas to turn your house into a haunted one for the spookiest celebration of the year. These simple ideas will certainly help you create horrifying handmade décor within your budget.

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