Build a DIY Kitchen Island – Easy Tips

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It is today the area where family, friends and guests congregate and party. It’s a place where the children sit and finish their homework telling you about their day at school and it’s the place where you cook delicious for your family lovingly. It’s your KITCHEN. diy-kitchen-island-for-perfect-kitchen-ideas-diy-kitchen-island-ideas-gallery

Make your kitchen the center of attraction by installing beautiful kitchen island…without the worry to spend much. You’ll love it more when you do it yourself.

Have a look…and start!

1.   Prepare a Plan

Simply, take a paper-pencil and draw it! Yes, get ideas about designing and building a kitchen from various places like internet, neighbor’s home. Consider things like the outline and space of your kitchen so that the design you prepare, complements the kitchen. Also, work upon your budget and plan it too.

2.    Time to Map the Plan!

Map the design on your floor – simulate the plan on the floor using cardboard pieces of variable measurements. This will help you get an estimate about how much floor space the unit will occupy, and whether all your appliances will fit in. Make sure to mark all the areas with tape to place the cabinets correctly whenever they’re installed.

3.   Join the Cabinet Pieces

 It’s time to act! Arrange the stock cabinets according to the imprint you just created on the floor. Drill holes using an electronic drill machine in order to join the cabinets. Don’t forget to double check the measurements before drilling.

4.   Fasten the Backs of the Cabinets

In order to ensure the stability of the cabinetry, it is a must to secure the rears of the cabinets to each other. Sliding a spacer in between each cabinet and bolting the cabinets together is the best way to give them a stability and durability. You can also add custom extensions to ensure the height of the base and the cabinets are same as that of the island.

5.   Decorate

To cover the bare backs, screws and other joints to give an ugly look, cover them by adding some bead boards and other veneer pieces and give your island a finer finish.

6.   Install Columns and the Countertop

If your countertop has a large possession, you are required to install columns as support and keep the structure stable. You can either build the columns on your own or get them built as per your taste.

After you’re done with the column installations, you can now install the countertop. You can use screws or nails to join the countertop to the rest of the island. But, be cautious!

7.   The Final Touch

This step will give a new look to your island. Go for an eco-friendly paint of your choice that matches the entire kitchen décor. Prepare the pant and start over. Also, use a food-safe sealer for the countertop to protect the surface.

Lastly, clean the kitchen, throw away the waste and enjoy the stunning new structure you just built.

Feel free to share …how does it look!!

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