How to Carry out the Installation of Exterior Light Fixture on House Siding

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When installing lights in the interior of your house, you don’t need to worry much as the entire wiring set up receives complete insulation form the exterior. However, the concern arises when dealing with an exterior light set up. You should go ahead with this DIY project only if you’ve some experience already. Otherwise, you can just make a phone call and we’d send an electrician to complete light fixture installation right away.
Exterior LightBulk of the light set ups nowadays come with rubber gaskets or seals and required insulations (for protection against moisture, in particular). Some even offer mounting blocks which are far superior and safer to install.

You should make sure that you have all the tools and accessories required for correct installation of the exterior light fixture. The items mainly required are:

Circuit tester, keyhole saw, remodeling electric box, screwdriver, 1-inch lumber, drill, metal drip edge, 1-inch roofing nails, screws, and knife (utility).

  • First, choose an ideal location where you want to install the set up. You have to provide a power connection in that place too. Keep main power source switched off until you are not done with the installation and connected power line to the circuit in the set up. Always make sure that all the wrings run through the interior of the walls.
  • You should be absolutely certain about the choice of the place where you want to install the electrical set up as it will require considerable effort to bring about any changes later. Even if you’ve hired a handyman, it’s advisable to make a final choice after consulting him.
  • Cut round the back of a remodeling electrical box (on house siding) after outlining the region with a lead pencil; the region chosen by you in the box. Thereafter, drag the wire through the back side of the box, set it in the hole and tighten the screws by using a screw driver to have it fixed on the exterior wall.
  • Thereon, cut out small block lumber (approx. 1 inch in size) to attach fixture on clapboard siding. Now, bore a small hole (around half inch in diameter). The hold should be done at the center of the block that you cut out. The block has to be large enough in size, in accordance with the base of the light fixture. electrician in new york
  • Draw round the block on the house siding. Next, cut it using a service knife. Now cut the siding of house from the block’s every side except the region underneath the block. You should be careful while cutting the pieces as even a small amount of heedlessness on your part can lead to costly blunders.
  • After nailing (using 1-inch nail size) a piece of metal drip on block’s topmost portion, put the block contained by area that has been cut out beforehand and fix it to the jacket of house with screws. The screws are already available with the original purchase.
  • Now fix the rubber seal around the fixture’s base and connect the wires present inside it to the external power connection. Again, be sure the power supply is terminated.
  • Finally, use the screwdriver to fix the lighting fixture.


While working on the exterior light fixture, you should make sure that the power is switched off from the main source. You can also use a non-contact service tester to confirm if the power supply is broken off from the main source

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