How to do Temporary Art Installation at your Home

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In order to keep the walls of your home protected against damage from art installations it is advisable to hire professional art installers. They come well equipped with knowledge, experience and an aesthetic sense for best art installation.

We all have probably been hanging pictures and paintings on the home walls, since we were kids, but growing up makes us understand that some pieces of art cannot simply be put up on the walls of the home without the help of professional art installers. For example, we have those heavy and expensive paintings, or the wall size art hangings and murals. Their proper alignment with the walls can make them look spectacular, while a bit of disorientation can make them look rather smug.

So, here’s for you, some points to keep in mind, when planning the installation of art work at home. The emphasis is on situations that will require hiring of professional art installers.

Expensive picture and artwork

Not hanging expensive and pricy artwork properly over the walls, is nothing less than a sin. If its snap shot picture, you took with your camera, we’re sure you can hang them just anywhere and they’d look good, but if it’s expensive pictures you bought through bidding, or some rare paintings you got imported from some other country, it surely deserves better treatment.
art installation nycDo consult a professional for art installation methods, and appoint him to do the task in case it requires special equipment and technique. Professionals are also experienced enough to tell you where exactly in the house will each piece of artwork look best.

Protecting the walls

Hanging artwork on the walls of the home requires you to be careful, as installations means drilling of nails and hooks through the walls. Your home is in itself a piece of artwork and cannot be left to wither because of your negligence. Hiring a professional art installer ensures that the paintings, and pictures are hanged in the right place, without causing much damage to the walls, and also the precious frames of the paintings, which are sometimes more expensive than the poster framed inside.

Walls composition

With changing times and more designer homes coming in existence, walls too have become a dynamic part of the home. They are made of varying materials such as adobe blocks, marble, granite, marble, glass and even paper. These materials will require special attention. Some materials are harder than brick and cement, and other are too fragile, and will rip at the slightest force.

Let expert art installers hang the paintings and pictures over such walls, and keep your walls protected against any king of damage during the installation.

Right place for art installation

Hanging art work around the house is not as easy as you may think. There are rules for hanging different kinds of picture in different places. One needs to be wary of the strategic location of the art work. It has to be done to maintain the harmony of the design of the house, and give the interiors the impression you’d like. Many times people change the location of their paintings and wall hangings, before finally reaching the right place. But, this means your walls get damaged at several places and give an ugly appearance when an artwork is removed, leaving behind a dull impression, holes in the walls, and nails and other protrusions.

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